4 Things Instagram NEEDS to Fix About Their Timeline Algorithm

Oh, Instagram—can't live with it, can't live without it.

While IG is undeniably my favorite social media app, I'm not above complaining about the minor inconveniences I experience while scrolling through my friends' pictures, mostly due to the totally unexplainable and seemingly random algorithmic feed.

Keep reading for essential things that Instagram needs to fix about their timeline algorithm.

1. The Order That Other People's Photos Appear

There are so many issues with the way photos appear on my Instagram timeline. Why is Instagram pushing all the posts I actually want to see to the bottom? I missed my best friend's most recent post, but thank goodness I got to see to see someone I haven't talked to in years gushing about how much they love their S.O.

How is this order even decided, and why am I seeing pictures from two days ago at the top of my feed? Instagram might think they're doing us a favor, but sometimes I just want to view photos in chronological order. Is that too much to ask? At least give us a "most recent" option so we can choose for ourselves how we want to see the photos.

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2. The Order That My Photos Appear

I'm not saying my Instagram is crawling with likes, but the second this new algorithm went into effect, my average likes per pictures went way down. Obviously I'm not viewing my own pictures, but the incredible drop in my like ratio leads me to believe that Instagram is pushing my photos down on my friends' timelines. Which is honestly just rude, and I'm offended.

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3. The Order That People Appear

Is there a reason why the two names listed before the number of people who liked the post are almost exclusively the two names I definitely don'want to see? And don't tell me it's because I interact with them, because I absolutely don't.

I'm fully convinced that someone at IG headquarters follows my personal life and wants to mess with my emotions by listing the names of people I have issues with. Again, offended.

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4. [Allegedly] Basing Your Timeline Off of Engagement

I don't think I'll ever be convinced that my whole Instagram timeline is based off engagement alone. There are way too many people I don't interact with popping up places that I'd rather not see them. But even if the timeline was based off engagement alone, it's still a flawed system. I'm terrible about hitting that like button, but I still want to see my BFFs photos popping up on my feed.

On the other hand, stalking the Instagrams of my favorite MTV stars doesn't mean that I exclusively want to see their pics on my timeline. My actual engagement says very little about my preferences, and I wish Instagram would understand that.

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IG might annoy us sometimes, but we still want to create the best feed possible. Wondering how you can enhance your Insta? Click HERE for tips to help you fashionably increase your Instagram followers.