If You Do These 6 Things, You're a Kook, According to Outer Banks

We don't know about you, but we could re-watch Outer Banks over and over again without getting sick of it.

From watching John B and Sarah Cameron's romance blossom to all the shenanigans the Pogues get into, each episode is never short of action. And while most of us probably aspire to be Pogues alongside John B, Kie, JJ, Pope and (recently) Sarah, some of us are destined to be Kooks—and that's not a bad thing! Not sure if you're a Kook? If you do the below things, you're definitely a Kook according to Outer Banks.

1. You Wear Preppy Clothes

The first and most obvious sign that you're a Kook is if you wear preppy clothes. Brands that fall under this category include Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, L.L. Bean, Tommy Hilfiger, Sperry and Lilly Pulitzer. Take a look in your closet. If you have these clothes, you're definitely a Kook.


2. You Have an Unusual Name

Not to bash characters like Ward, Rafe or Topper, but we can all agree their names are rather unusual, right? After all, who looks at a newborn baby and says, "Let's call him Rafe!" If you also have an unusual or uncommon name, you just might be a Kook yourself.


3. You Come From Money

If you come from money, it doesn't automatically mean you're a Kook. However, the way you act definitely does. If you flaunt your wealth, you're 100% a Kook. So whether you pick up the tab, drive a nice car or are constantly showing off your designer purchases on social media, chances are, you're a big ol' Kook.

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4. You Like to Surf

If you're not familiar with the term Kook and where it comes from, it refers to someone who thinks they're good at surfing. When, in reality, they don't know the common courtesies that come along with it, and, they're just not that good. So, if you like to surf, you might be a Kook. Ask your friends for their honest advice on whether or not you're good at surfing.


5. You Love a Good Party

Kooks love to party—in fact, they love to host a party! If you're known to invite your friends over, whether it's a small or large gathering of people, you just might be a Kook. If your parties ever get wild with super loud music and dancing, it might be another sign you belong to the Kooks.


6. You Tend to Be a Leader

Kooks are natural-born leaders because of the way they were raised. If you come from a strong household and were taught to be a leader from an early age, it sounds like you might be a Kook! Whether you decide where your friend group hangs out, you're a part of the school council or people just look to you for advice, we're willing to bet people describe you as a leader.


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