7 Things You Should NEVER Do on Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day

Whether you're single and ready to mingle, or happily coupled-up, there's really no reason you can't take advantage of some of the holiday's perks. From stuffing your face with Hershey's Kisses to sporting the cutest V-Day mani, there are plenty of things we're all expected to do on Feb. 14.

But what about the "don'ts"? There are a handful of things you should never do on Valentine's Day. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Text Your Ex

We get it: Feb. 14 brings out your lovey-dovey, sentimental side. You wake up in the morning on V-Day and reminisce about happier times with your former S.O., thinking that if there's a time to tell them you miss them, today is the day. Okay, this is wrong for three major reasons!

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One: Even if they say they miss you, too, and you end up spending Valentine's Day together, much like Cinderella's magic carriage, your relationship will turn into a pumpkin once the clock strikes midnight. Don't let the chocolates and cookies sugarcoat the real issues that need to be addressed under more serious circumstances. Don't use the thought of being lonely on V-Day as an excuse to text your ex. And, even if you want to text them, save it for another day when you're not caught up in a moment designated for romance.

Two: For all you know, they could be seeing someone. Not only will you be crushed on V-Day if they straight-up tell you they're dating someone else, but it's not fair to the person they're potentially seeing.

Three: How upset would you be if they don't reply? Whether they miss you or not, there are a bunch of reasons why they may not feel like responding to you on V-Day. Do you really want to risk feeling worse about the situation than holding your head high and showing your strength by not hitting them up?

Again, if you really feel the urge to text your ex, save it for a day that doesn't set you up for automatic disappointment.


2. Go on Social Media

Whether you're in a relationship or not, scrolling through social media on Valentine's Day is an invitation to disappointment. Either you'll spend the entire day comparing everyone's relationship or their plans to yours, or you'll be consistently reminded that you're single while your peers are busy flaunting their romances. Social media causes enough stress on the reg—Valentine's Day will multiply that angst by 100.

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3. Pressure Someone

Whether it's begging someone to be your date "just as friends," or it's giving your S.O. a set of guidelines they must follow when planning date night, pressuring a person to do anything on Valentine's Day will never end well. The person on the other end will feel overwhelmed and obligated to do things, and it will just end up making them resent you—making the whole night a disaster. Just play things cool and you'll be pleasantly surprised with how things unfold.


4. Go on a Pity Date

As much as we hate to admit it, some people do consider Valentine's Day one of the most romantic times of year. If you're one of those people, it'll set the wrong tone if you go out with someone that day simply because you feel bad for them. Not only are you giving them hope that you're interested in them, you're putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. By no means are you ever obligated to go out with someone, whether they're a friend, an ex, an acquaintance, whatever. At the end of the day, it's not your responsibility to feel bad about them being single on V-Day when what you should be doing is focusing on yourself.

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5. Tell Your Crush How You Feel

Much like texting your ex, telling your crush you like them on V-Day opens a huge can of worms. While there's certainly a chance they feel the same way, finding out that they're seeing someone or they don't have feelings for you will only lead to heartbreak on the day that's supposed to be about love. Plus, Valentine's Day is a lot of pressure, and just because they may have feelings for you, being forced into going big right off the bat is a huge obligation. Additionally, if they haven't flirted with you or acknowledged you recently, that's generally a sign you two may be on different pages. Chances are, if they wanted you to hit them up on V-Day, they would have hinted at it somehow.


6. Break Up With Someone

This is a no-brainer, but have a heart and split from your S.O. before Valentine's Day if you're sure that's the route you want to take. Give your hopeful ex a chance to find someone else to spend the day with. Don't wait until the last minute to break their heart. While we know you want to rack up those chocolates and roses, calling it quits on V-Day will only make you look like a horrible human being. Instead, feel confident as a single girl who chose to be bouquet-free on Feb. 14.

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7.  Mope Around

Never let 'em see you sweat! If you spend the whole day (and/or week leading up to it) moping around and complaining to everyone about how you're single on Valentine's Day—or about how your S.O. has nothing exciting planned for you—it's only going to make you look selfish. No one's going to feel bad for you; they're just going to think of you as the girl who's always whining. Instead, hold your head high, engage in conversation with close friends about their plans, or don't even bring up the holiday at all. The less attention you draw to yourself about V-Day, the fewer people will talk to you about it. No one wants a sob story—plus, there's so much fun stuff you can do on the day, regardless of your relationship status.


While we strongly advise against hitting up your ex on Feb. 14, HERE's at least how you'll know if they still think you're hot!