7 Things You Should NEVER Reveal on a First Date

Ah, the first date!

Awkward silences and get-to-know-you questions are such a drag, amirite? It's easy to let nervousness get the best of you during these encounters, but you don't want to get caught up in a conversation you may regret.

Just so you're all prepped, below are seven things you should never reveal on a first date:


1. Anything About Your Ex

First dates are not a place for ex talk. Don't mention any details about your past relationships. Talking about an ex will make the person you're with feel like you still have feelings for someone else. Don't trash-talk, compare, reminisce or simply even acknowledge the person you used to date.


2. What Food Upsets Your Stomach

Just don't. Nobody wants to hear about it. No matter how tempting it is to discuss menu items and what you can and can't eat, it's a big no-no. Your date doesn't want to imagine you sick or gassy, so don't give them an excuse to have that mental image of you.


3. The Last Time You Went on a First Date

As a rule of thumb, don't ever mention any other romantic encounters when you're on a first date. Even if the story is funny or you feel it will make you seem approachable, stay away from mentioning other first dates.


4. All the Drama in Your Friend Group

Awkward silences are common on first dates, and it's always tempting to fill them with anything and everything. We gravitate towards things we can talk about on end, and our friend group is one of those things. Nevertheless, talking about your friends and their drama may make  your date feel like you are the dramatic one. Steer away from that type of talk.


5. How You're Always Nervous on First Dates

Although you hope bringing up this fact will make you less nervous, it'll likely put the other person on guard. They'll switch modes into trying to comfort you and it'll throw off the vibe. Try to act cool, calm and collected, and don't forget to take deep breaths.


6. How You Don't Like Paying for First Dates

Money is a sticky subject and not something you want to bring up on a first date. Always offer to pay your way and be super appreciative if they decide to treat you.


7. How You Dislike First Dates

Although nobody likes first dates, refrain from mentioning this fact on yours. You never want the person to feel like it's a drag to be there. Act enthusiastic and make the other person feel special.


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