Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

Ah, relationships.

There's no better feeling than finding someone who reciprocates your adoration and wants to spend all of their time with you—and gushing about your new S.O. to all your besties is basically a given.

But when it comes to our romantic relationships, there are some things that should definitely be kept private—even from our closest gal pals.

Keep scrolling for six things you should never tell your friends about your relationship:

Details of Every Fight You Ever Have

If you're going to date someone, you're going to have arguments—there's just no way around it. While it makes sense to conduct a mini vent session and consult your squad about your feelings, telling your friends about every disagreement you have with your S.O. won't end well.

Running to your friends after every argument hurts your ability to work things out with your partner on your own. When you eventually return to face your S.O., you'll have the various opinions of your friends rattling around in your head, clouding your judgement. In addition, telling your friends about every disagreement makes it much more likely that your friends won't like your S.O. Complaints tend to stick in people's head much longer than praise, so it's better to focus on the positive aspects of your partner around your friends. Then they will be much more likely to support your relationship, rather than constantly wish the two of you would end things.

Nancy and Steve From Stranger Things

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Private Info Your S.O. Shares With You

If you're like us, you share everything with your besties. But when you're dating someone, any private information that they share with you isn't yours to spread around. Even if it's the juiciest gossip you've heard in weeks, your S.O. shared that information with you in confidence with an unspoken understanding that you could be trusted. To share any info your partner told you in private would violate their trust, and without trust, it's unlikely your relationship will last very long. Difficult as it might be, keep any info your partner shares between the two of you—there are sure to be more topics to discuss with your friends later.


Your S.O.'s Shortcomings

Much like sharing the details of every fight you and your S.O. have, telling your friends about everything that your partner does wrong will negatively affect their opinion of him. Your friends are unable to see the full story of your relationship, so constantly telling them about your S.O.'s shortcomings will make them think that your partner isn't worthy of your affections.

If your S.O. isn't the greatest at responding to messages or if they  are constantly distracted when you're trying to have a serious conversation, talk to them about it rather than your friends. That way your friends will be much more likely to support your relationship, and everyone can live in blissful harmony.

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Anything About Your S.O.'s Past Relationships

Sometimes the people we fall for haven't had the greatest romantic history. While it makes sense for you and your S.O. to talk through their past relationships, especially the particularly serious ones, your friends don't need to know about it. Whether your S.O. didn't treat their last partner with the optimal amount of respect, or they were completely in love with someone before you, there's no need to share that information with your friends. Not only does it violate trust, but it also opens the door for your friends to pass judgement on your partner's past choices. It's better to allow those relationship to fade into the rearview and move forward.


Your S.O.'s Insecurities

Everyone has insecurities, including your significant other. When you're dating someone, you get an inside look into the things they struggle with and the things that bother them. Being in a relationship often means that you get to see a vulnerable side of your partner that's usually hidden, which creates a special bond between the two of you. If you immediately tell your friends about all your partner's insecurities, it can ruin that special connection. Not only does it air out their dirty laundry, but it can also be incredibly embarrassing for your partner. You wouldn't want all of their pals to know about your insecurities, so give your partner the same respect and don't share their vulnerabilities with your friends.

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Your S.O.'s Feelings About Your Friends

Although you might totally adore all your besties, that doesn't mean your partner will. When combining the worlds of friendship and romantic relationships, it's a possibility that your S.O. might not click with everyone in your friend group. In that case, you definitely shouldn't share your S.O.'s dislike of any friend with anyone in your squad. It will create tension between your friends and your S.O. that will make it very difficult to spend time together. Some things are better kept to yourself, and your S.O.'s dislike of your friends is definitely one of them.


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