Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Crush

Chatting with your crush can be painfully awkward.

Even when you've rehearsed what to say a thousand times, the second you go to speak, your brain goes to mush.

Want to prevent yourself from an uncomfortable situation? Then scroll below and lock in your memory these seven things you probably shouldn't mention when chatting it up with your crush.

1. "I love that shirt you were wearing last Thursday."

If you like someone, chances are you pay pretty close attention to every detail about them—including what outfits they wear and how they style their hair.

Although it's wonderful you admire their style, you don't need to creep them out by telling them about something you noticed a week ago!

Compliment them the day you see them wearing something you like and your problem is solved.

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2. "Oh yeah, I saw that on Facebook."

Facebook stalking—we all do it. But just because we know our crush's every little status change, picture upload and check-in, we don't need to let them know we know that. ????

If your crush tells you they went to the movies last week and you're already aware because they posted a picture of it online, do yourself a favor by playing it cool and at least pretending you don't know.

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3. "Are you looking for a girlfriend?"

Don't ask this ever. It should be pretty clear if your crush is single or not, and you don't want to come off as too aggressive.

If you really aren't sure, have a friend find out for you. It's way more discreet and won't throw your crush totally off guard.

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4. "Are you still into your ex?"

Another major no-no. If a relationship is in the past, it's in the past. There's no need to start a conversation with this question. It's way too personal and could make your crush feel totally uncomfortable.

If they want to tell you about their ex later on down the road, then let them, but never go prying for information.

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5. "You're perfect."

Although compliments are flattering, this particular line of praise is too much. Nobody is perfect (even your crush!).

Don't make anyone your idol.

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6. "My parents would love you!"

Big red flag with this line. If you two aren't even dating yet, bringing up your parents would be very alarming.

Don't put any kind of pressure on your crush by bringing your family into early conversations.

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7. "I love you."

Pretty obvious here, but never confess your love for someone you don't know that well, silly! Keep this one to yourself. ????

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