8 Things You Should NEVER Sign in Someone's Yearbook

Ugh, yearbooks—they're complicated little things.

On one hand, it's so much fun to look back on your year and compile sweet notes from all your besties, but on the other hand, what the heck are you supposed to write in everyone's yearbook?!

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While we might not have the perfect signature for each and every one of your classmates, we can tell you what you definitely shouldn'write.

Keep scrolling for eight things you should never sign in someone's yearbook.


Honestly, this should go without saying, but we're saying it anyway. Everyone know writing H.A.G.S. in someone's yearbook kind of sucks, but even writing it as a joke has been played out. It's not at all memorable or thoughtful, and your classmates are likely to be annoyed at your total lack of creativity.

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"K.I.T." is like the ugly step sister to H.A.G.S. It's not as well known (it means "keep in touch," btw), but it's equally as irritating to see it scrawled all over the pristine pages of your yearbook. Plus, if you're writing this to someone, it's likely that you have absolutely no plans to keep in touch with them. Don't lie to people, that's just mean.


'I don't normally sign yearbooks, but when I do I take up a whole page.'

This, or any rendition of it that involves you scribbling over an entire page of someone's yearbook in gigantic block letters is an absolute no-no. If you're signing something like this, it's probably because you don't have anything better to say. Don't be that person who steals space that could be used to write messages of actual meaning.


'Never change.'

This signature roughly translates to "I know absolutely nothing about you." If you do know this person, you're just lazily avoiding coming up with a unique signature. And if you don't know this person, you really shouldn't be that obvious about it.

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'2 good + 2 be= 4 forgotten'

First of all, there's almost nothing about this signature that makes sense. Are you saying you won't forget the person whose yearbook you're signing or are you just casually complimenting yourself in someone else's yearbook? I don't think anyone knows the answer. This signature was okay in kindergarten when you were actually learning what 2+2 was and wanted to show off your knowledge, but we're long past the time when using this is okay.


'Thanks for letting me sign your yearbook.'

Ugh, this signature. Just why? You could literally just tell them thank you to their face, they don't need a note letting them know you're grateful that they have to look at every time they're feeling a little nostalgic. Plus, if you were really thankful, you'd come up with something better to write than this.


'Stay cool.'

This signature is basically the same as "never change." There's no meaning behind it, and you probably have no idea if this person is actually cool or not. Best to just stay away from it all together.

'I wish I could have known you better, but you seem great.'

Remember the "Truth is" era on Facebook? You'd post a status promising to tell everyone what you really thought of them, and basically the only people who would like it were a bunch of randos, so you'd end up writing "Truth is I wish I knew more about you!" This is the physical embodiment of that. Also, the end of the year is a terrible time to tell people you wish you knew them better—there's nothing you can do about it now.


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