Things You Need to Stop Telling Your Friends About Your Relationship

With trustworthy friends, it's easy to feel like you can talk to them about anything and everything, from where you're applying to college to when you're fighting with your older sister.

When it comes to who you're dating, it's easy to want to share all the details of your relationship with your core crew. After all, they're who you go to for advice or just an ear to vent to.

And while it's great to have a group of people you're comfortable discussing things with, when it comes to spilling details about your romantic relationship, there may be some things you want to keep off the table—or, at the very least, not over-discuss. Here are some things that may be better kept to yourself.

Details of Your S.O.'s Personal Life

When your significant other is going through a problem, it can be challenging to support them—which may mean you turn to your group of friends for an ear on how to deal with things. However, unless your partner specifically gave the okay for you to run serious stuff they're going through with your group of friends, it's best to keep that stuff to yourself. If things are super serious with your partner, talking things out with a trusted adult (outside of your friend circle) is a better bet. You don't want their life to be a subject of gossip.


Every Little Thing That Annoys You

No relationship is perfect, but even if you're in a generally happy relationship, it can be easy to text your friends every time your S.O. does something that ticks you off. Sure, it might be validating to get that support in the moment ("Wait, they made you listen to what artist the whole time on your road trip?") but if these complaints are more about petty grievances than genuine concern about your relationship, you may want to hold back—or at least share all the awesome stuff your S.O. does in equal parts. If your goal is to have your friends like your partner, you probably should act like you do, too.


(Gossip Girl via The CW)


If They Don't Like Your Friends

A good rule of thumb is to never tell anyone when someone doesn't like them—it's just rude. Whether your S.O. has valid reasons for their dislike of one of your BFFs or not, sharing that with your friends will just harbor resentment for your partner, which isn't exactly ideal—especially since relationships can change and improve over time. Maybe your S.O. couldn't stand how obsessed your bestie is with Taylor Swift, but has really changed their tune since the release of folklore. It happens!


Embarrassing Moments You've Shared

It may be tempting to spill about that awkward moment your S.O. had in front of your grandparents, but there's no guarantee that it will stay between you and your friends if you share it. Just as you wouldn't want your partner sharing cringe-worthy moments with their friends (no matter how hilarious they are) you owe it to them to show the same level of courtesy.


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