10 Things People Lie About the Most on Instagram

People aren't always truthful on Instagram.

Between embellishing how great our relationships are, to lying about our social media clout, we're not always painting an accurate picture when we post on our feed or stories.

Without further ado, let's dig into the 10 things everyone lies about the most on IG below. Which ones are you guilty of?

1. Their Relationship Status

Everyone's always lying about their relationship status on Insta. Whether they're in a happy relationship and claim to be single, or more single than a dollar bill and faking being in a loving partnership, not a day goes by when we don't catch someone lying about their status. As annoying as it gets, it's so satisfying to catch someone telling a big, fat fib about who they are or aren't seeing. We'll always drink this tea.


2. The Strength of Their Relationship

While others are lying about their status, there are plenty of couples who boast about their relationship being goals. Though they may have their good days, every relationship goes through rough patches. They could be posting the sweetest pics and commenting the most loving things, but that doesn't mean they're all that in love. Instagram is definitely a mask every couple loves to hide behind when times get tough, so don't let their social media affections fool you.

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3. How Many Friends They Have

People could have fewer friends than there are days in the week, but they'll still use social media to make it seem like they're friends with everyone in the world. They likely have a very limited number of besties, but feel like that isn't enough for social media, so they fudge the numbers a bit. The best part is when you see them out and about just snapping pics with anyone and everyone to later post on their IG. Catching one in the act is truly satisfying, if we do say so ourselves.


4. Who They're Friends With

Apart from lying about how many friends they have, there are plenty of people who will lie about who they're friends with to seem more popular or cooler than they actually are. Whether they're using this other person for their status or just to get ahead in life, you'll see them posting about hanging out all the time, but never actually see them out together IRL.

The funniest is when people claim they're close with major celebrities or even internet sensations. We know they're not, but it's hilarious to watch them try and persuade us otherwise.

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5. Their Social Media Popularity

A lot of people will talk to their followers as if they're some social media celebrity, even when they only have 100 followers and they're only classmates and family. We notice this with Stories especially. While some people do it sarcastically, there are plenty who are serious about their unpopular popularity status. It's quite a sight to see.


6. Their Interests

People lie about their interests all the time just to be a part of the conversation. We know this, because we do it, too. We pretend we like Drake just to attend his concert and make our followers jealous. We act like interactive museums are the greatest thing on earth just to get some sort of attention from those we know and even strangers. You all do it, too, so don't act like you're better than us.


7. What They Do in Their Free Time

Seeing as social media is all about showcasing the most exciting parts of your life, no one takes time to post about the boring moments all that often.  So they post about always being out on the weekends, or they brag about their nonexistent side projects they're trying to get off the ground. No one wants you to know that they only watch Netflix or nap in their free time, so they pretend like they're always out trying to get that bread.


8. How Great Their Life Is

Going off the above point, social media is all about making yourself look better. This rings especially true on Instagram. People will brag about how everything in their life is truly perfect. Rarely will you ever see these people post about the moments they feel frustrated or upset by something not going their way. What they post is how things always work out for them. They know that's not true and so do we, but will that stop them? Probably not.

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9. How Bad Their Life Is

On the flip side of only posting about their greatest moments, there are many who use Insta to complain about how horrible their life is. At the most minor inconvenience, they'll post a video of them crying or go on an hour-long Story rant. They're just looking for sympathy and know their loyal followers will give it to them.


10. The Amount of Money They Have

People will tout about their lavish vacations and expensive designer duds all day long, but what they fail to mention is that they can't really afford it. They just like to make everyone think they can. Again, social media is a mask we all hide behind to receive compliments from people we don't really know, in order to feel better about ourselves.

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