10 Things Only People Who Wear Contacts Will Relate To

If you wear contacts, you know the struggles.

There are honestly too many to list, but in the end, we're thankful that they help us see without wearing glasses. Sometimes, though, our contacts get on our nerves and we want to give up.

Sound like you? Keep reading for the 10 things only people who wear contacts will relate to:

1. You're insanely jealous of people who get to wake up without blurry vision.

Like how is it possible that someone can wake up and actually be able to read their phone screen? We'll sadly never know.


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2. You've woken up with crusty eyes if you fell asleep with your contacts in.

Without a doubt you've fallen asleep with your contacts in, and probably more times than you'd like to admit. You know the second you attempt to open your eyes in the morning when they're crusted shut.


3. You've freaked out when you couldn't find your contacts in your eyes only to realize they were never in to begin with.

You know the feeling when you're absolutely freaking out because you think your eye ate your contact? But then you remember you didn't ever put them in.


4. You carry around eye drops because your eyes start to get dry real quick when your contacts are in.

Sometimes you just have those days where your eyes refuse to be lubricated. Eye drops are your saving grace.


5. You've dropped your contacts in the sink… multiple times.

Whether you're just being careless or didn't get a good night's rest, dropping a contact in the skin has certainly happened to all of us contact-wearers.


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6. You can put your contacts in your eyes in record time without a mirror.

This is only for the seasoned contact-wearers, as in you can't even remember a time in your life when you weren't wearing them.


7. You've begged your parents to let you get Lasik eye surgery.

You've probably drafted out an email or even made a PowerPoint presentation for your parents as to why you deserve Lasik eye surgery.


8. You've been called blind by your friends.

On the days you don't wear contacts, you immediately regret it when your friends try on your glasses and call you blind.


9. You've gotten comfy in bed but had to get up to take your contacts out.

You know when you're about to fall into a deep sleep, but then get that sinking feeling you didn't take your contacts out? Been there, done that.


10. You've put your contacts on inside out.

Sometimes our heads just aren't in the game and we put our contacts on inside out. Rookie mistake, but it happens to the best of us.


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