7 Annoying Things You've Definitely Experienced at the Nail Salon

It doesn't matter how old we are or where we live—we've all seemingly shared similar experiences when it comes to getting our nails done, amirite?

Sure, all we want is a quick little cuticle snip and some fresh polish, but instead we end up with an earful of questions and suggestions.

Keep reading for seven things we're sure have happened to you at the nail salon.

1. You've Been Interrogated About Your Love Life (or Lack Thereof)

Gotta love sitting down at the nail station to immediately being asked if you have a boyfriend. When you bashfully answer "no," you're less than thrilled to be questioned as to why you're single. Can't a girl just get her nails done in peace?


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2. You've Been Convinced You Need Your "Upper Lip" Waxed

Oh, the upper lip—aka nicer term for "moustache." Whether you have one or not (and if you do, it's not a big deal. Most of us have hair above our lip—some just have it more visibly), you didn't asked to be reminded of it! If you wanted to wax your "upper lip," you would initiate that request, not the other way around!


3. You've Been Asked Repeatedly at the Same Appointment if You Want a Flower Painted Onto One of Your Nails

No means no, right? Well, not according to some nail technicians. Flowers are pretty and all, but how many times do you have to explain that you're cool with just a normal solid coat of polish?

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4. You Only Want the Bare Minimum Pedicure Treatment, But Are Harassed About Getting Extra Callous Remover and a Massage

When the nail technician hands you the laminated board with price packages of available services, you make it clear you want the most basic option. But, midway through your appointment, they shamelessly try to get you to purchase an extended massage and extra callous remover. You're on a budget here. Do they not get that?!


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5. It's Obvious You Bite Your Nails and Pick Your Cuticles, But the Nail Technician Still Feels Compelled to Point It Out

It's no secret that your nails could use some TLC and your cuticles need some tidying—but duh, that's why you're at the nail salon. In fact, chances are, you've even poked fun at your nails, telling the technician off the bat that you know you need to stop biting. Yet, once you've sat down and made yourself cozy in the chair, the person tending to you gives you a nod of disapproval and points out your hand flaws. We get it.


6. If You've Accidentally Smudged a Drying Nail, You Fear the Worst When Asking for a Quick Retouch

Nothing at the nail salon is worse than when you're finally all done, getting ready to pay and—bam—you accidentally hit your nail, causing it to smudge. Oh, that painful moment between realizing what you've done and approaching the nail technician to ask the dreaded repair question. Of course they fix it, but you can tell they cannot wait to get you out of their chair.


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7. You Were Told to Wait for Five Minutes… 45 Minutes Ago

We get that no one wants to lose a customer, but when you make someone wait almost an hour, you'll probably lose them one way or another. How many times have you gone to the nail salon to be told you should have an immediate seat because you'll be taken next, only to find "next" was 45 minutes later?


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