5 Things That Happen to All of Us When We Go on TikTok

TikTok quickly became one of the most popular apps, and for a good reason.

It provides endless hours of entertainment and education. It boomed during the pandemic when we all needed a distraction from real life. The algorithm customizes posts for you, so you see videos tailored to your preferences. We all have different For You Pages, but we have a shared experience. Here are five things that happen to all of us when we go on TikTok.

1. Five Minutes Turns Into Two Hours

"I'm just going to check TikTok quickly," is a lie we've all told ourselves. TikTok is addicting and it's hard to stop once you start scrolling. Unlike Instagram and Twitter, TikTok is immediately engaging and challenging to put down. It's even more difficult because the personalized FYP curates the perfect combination of all your interests. You open the app, and suddenly two hours have passed. You could easily spend your entire day on it without realizing it!

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2. Sending Way Too Many Videos to Friends

It's physically impossible (okay, an exaggeration but kind of true) not to send a relatable TikTok to friends. We all need a friend who is always on TikTok and understands the trends. Your texts end up looking like 95% videos and 5% conversation. If a picture says a thousand words, then a TikTok must say a million, right? It's become its own form of communication. It is so frustrating when your friend doesn't stay on top of the videos you send—but then you realize you haven't watched the last 10 TikToks they sent to you, so you have to catch up before you can lecture them.

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3. Trying TikTok Life Hacks and Most of Them Don't Work

We'll admit that we've tried my fair share of TikTok hacks. They are so convincing, but unfortunately, a lot of them don't work. The magic of editing tricks us every time. There is nothing more disappointing than getting excited for the hack, and even buying the materials, and it doesn't work. X and Ivy, @PartyShirt, started a serious called "Fact or Cap" when they try life hacks for you and share if it works or not. They have honestly saved us a million times.

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4. Getting TikTok Music and Sounds Stuck in Your Head

At any given moment you probably have five different TikTok sounds and music stuck in your head. TikTok is an incredible platform that turns music into viral songs and creates catchy soundbites used in hundreds of thousands of videos. The only problem is that every song and sound are too catchy! Try going to sleep when the Fortnite American Boy song and "Call Me By Your Name" are on repeat in your head. It becomes a real problem when you start using TikTok references in real life when you're around people who aren't on TikTok. You end up saying, "It's funny on TikTok" way too often.

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5. Falling Down a Rabbit Hole and Becoming Very Knowledgeable About a Particular Subject

There is always that one video we see that is entirely outside our interest but is totally fascinating. You could see a video on glass blowing and suddenly, you're watching hours of glass blowing content. You might see a video about traditional hula dancing from Mel, and now you're studying the history of Hawaii and the practices of the indigenous people there. TikTok can be a great way to learn about new subjects and you never know when you might casually bring up glass blowing in a conversation, right?

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