You're Lowkey Annoying Your Partner If You're Doing One of These 10 Things

What you might find endearing, may come across as annoying to your partner.

But how are you supposed to know what those things might be? If they don't tell you they're getting irritated because they can see how happy it makes you, it's all the more difficult for you to make the necessary changes.

But let it be known, if you're doing one of these 10 things, you're lowkey annoying your partner:

1. Trying to Hold Their Hand When They're Driving

Holding your partner's hand is a sweet gesture—but only at an appropriate time. If they're driving and they reach for your hand, by all means, have at it. But if you reach for theirs while they're driving, they might get a bit annoyed. Just remember—safety comes first. If they're on the freeway, you should stop yourself from holding their hand. But if you're on a super short ride, it's probably not too big of a deal.

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2. Asking If You Look 'Fat' in Your Outfit

When you ask your partner if you look fat, they know there's no right way for them to answer your question. If they say no, you question if they're holding back. And if they say yes, well, you consider breaking up with them on the spot. It's honestly a horrible question and puts your S.O. in an awkward position. So if you actually want to know if you should change your outfit, change your wording to something like, "Is this flattering on me?" or, "Does this do anything for my body type?"


3. Saying You Don't Care Where You Eat

Everyone's done it. We've said we don't care where we go to eat. And then when our S.O. suggests a place and we all of a sudden have an opinion, that'the sweet spot—that's when they get annoyed. It shows we actually do care, but for whatever reason kept it to ourselves. Perhaps we tried to come across as the "chill" girlfriend, or maybe you actually couldn't decide what you were craving. Whatever the case is, repeat after us—compromise. Suggest that you both name a few places and then together decide on an option.


4. Tagging Them in Baby Pictures on IG

If you've ever scrolled through an Instagram account featuring cute babies, you've definitely felt the need to send it to your friends. But that's where the line should be drawn—only send them to your friends, not your partner. Trust us, by sending them a photo of a baby, you're lowkey scaring them and causing them to think that you want one of your own. Even if you make it clear that you think the baby is just cute, their minds will go in another direction.

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5. Watching an Episode of the Show You're Watching Together Without Them

Whether you're watching reruns of a show you've seen a million times or it's a brand new show you're both super into, it's not cool to sneak in an episode without your partner. They might play it off as not being a big deal, but your actions show them you have no patience and that your time is more valuable than theirs. So the next time you want to get ahead in a season and you just can't wait, pretend you haven't seen the episode when you finally watch it with your S.O.


6. Talking About Bodily Functions

When you talk about bodily functions like burping, farting, using the restroom or your period, your partner is likely trying to tune you out. Unfortunately for us, we were all taught at a young age to not speak about bodily functions, so if you've strayed from that way of thinking, it's likely that your partner hasn't—aka they get grossed out by the stuff you're talking about, because girls apparently don't go number two.


7. Claiming That You're 'Fine'

Everyone knows when someone says "I'm fine," you're most certainly not fine. If you haven't learned by now, it's not healthy to keep your feelings hidden beneath the surface. If you're upset about something, no matter how trivial it may seem, it's important to communicate with your partner and be upfront with them. Honesty is the best policy, so if they have the decency to ask you what's wrong, tell them!

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8. Changing the Channel

If your S.O. is in the middle of watching a sports game or one of their fave shows and you change the channel, expect some irritation. They might shrug it off or they might get outwardly annoyed, but you should know that they're actually fuming on the inside. How would you feel if they changed the channel in the middle of Riverdale's season finale? Yeah, not so great. So, the next time you really want to change the channel, make sure they aren't watching something they're super invested in.


9. Telling Your BFF Everything About Your Relationship

While your S.O. understands that you're going to confide in your bestie about certain aspects of your relationship, what they don'appreciate is when you overshare. They don't see why you need to tell your friend about your partner's family issues or secrets they may have told you. You two are a team and some things are meant to be kept between just the two of you—so think twice before sharing something with your BFF.


10. Making Them Watch Reality TV

Sure there are exceptions, but chances are, your S.O. probably doesn't want to watch episodes of Vanderpump Rules or The Bachelor with you. Not that it's not great television, but a lot of partners would rather be doing anything else. Keep that in mind the next time you want to catch an episode of Keep Up With the Kardashians, and instead opt for something the both of you would enjoy.

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