5 Things to Consider Before Asking a Friend to Prom

Asking your friend to prom might not be as simple as it seems.

Sure, chances are your desire to celebrate the special occasion with a good pal is coming from a kind place, but there are certain things you need to iron out before bringing you camarade along as your plus one. For example, are you both aware that you are attending the event as friends? If not, things could get a bit messy, and the future of your bond might even be at risk.

Scroll down for more things to consider prior to asking a pal to prom.

Know Why You're Asking Your Friend

Before asking a friend to the prom, know why it is that you want to take them to the all-important high school event. Are you asking your buddy because you've hatched a plan to attend the dance together, or are you inquiring because you hope a trip to the prom will be the great start to an actual relationship? If your answer is the former (or something close to it) go ahead and see if your friend is down to go to the prom with you. However, if you're asking your pal to the prom with ulterior motives in mind (as is the case in the second scenario) we suggest you hold off and reconsider, to avoid potential disappointment on what's supposed to be a happy night.


Make Sure You and Your Friend Are on the Same Page

Assuming your pal says yes to your offer to take them to the prom, the next step should be making sure you're both on the same page. Presumably you're just going to the event as pals, but that specific issue is something you really need to clarify before the day arrives, especially since it can be easy to get wrapped up in some of the romance of it all, once the planning gets underway. There are also some prom-related expectations you should set, regarding buying a corsage, renting a limo as part of a larger group, etc. but more on those a bit later.

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Be Aware of Your Pal's Relationship Status

If you and your pal are both single and on the same page when it comes to your prom expectations, then you should have nothing to worry about, but if one or both of you are in a relationship, it's probably not a great idea to go to the dance as pals. While there are reasons (such as distance) why you or your friend might not be able to attend prom with your respective significant others, going as friends when there is a partner (or two) in the picture can get incredibly complicated.

No matter how secure you or your buddy may be in your romantic relationship, it's hard to imagine a scenario in which you take your pal to the prom and at least one party isn't a bit jealous. To avoid complicating matters and potentially hurting someone's feelings if your pal is in a relationship but going solo, save one fun dance for them instead.


Make Sure They're on Board for Fun Prom Traditions

This goes back to the idea of establishing expectations, and as we already discussed, it's crucial for you and pal to do that before doing just about anything else. However, unless you've agreed on a plan that entails no superfluous celebration, we suggest embracing some of the fun traditions prom has to offer, as long as you do so in a friendly way. That's to say, buy your pal a corsage and pose for some cheesy photos that'll probably embarrass you both in a decade from now. Just because you aren't marking this high school milestone with a significant other by your side, doesn't mean you shouldn't participate in some of the fun and memorable aspects of the night. Go for it!

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Don't Do It If You're Hoping for a Relationship

If you view asking your pal to prom as a way to potentially kick start a relationship, we suggest thinking twice before popping the prom question. When you ask your friend to prom as just that—a friend—you're sort of implicitly implying that there's no real romantic interest there, so asking as a friend with the hope of romance is a bit misleading and could easily lead to hurt feelings and a lousy night for everyone involved. If, once prom is over, you feel that you might have been getting some romantic vibes, carefully broach the subject with your buddy and see where they stand.


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