5 Ways to Get Your Animal Fix If Your Parents Won't Let You Have a Pet

So, you asked for a dog or cat and got completely shut down by your parents, huh? We've been there.

Although it may seem like the most devastating thing in the world, there are ways around it.

Just because you can't take home a cute, cuddly and furry creature of your own does not mean you can't bond and spend quality time with one.

Scroll below for just five alternative ways to get your animal fix.


1. Try Dog Walking

Step outside your home at any given point of the day and you're bound to see at least one of your neighbors walking a dog or two. If you want to feel the responsibility that comes along with owning an animal, then make dog walking your summer gig!

Find out which of your neighbors work long hours or are vacationing this summer, and let them know that you're open to taking their dogs on daily walks while they're away.

You'll learn how much work it really takes to look after an animal and you'll get paid. Pretty much a win-win situation.

Teen girl walking two dogs

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2. Pet Sit for a Friend

Want to take it one step further than just dog walking? Find a friend, neighbor or family member who is going on an extended vacation and ask to look after their pet while they're gone. You'll get to experience what it's like feeding, bathing, walking and showering an animal with love for more than just a day.

You'll experience all the perks of having a pet—cuddles, sloppy kisses and constant love—but you won't have the continued responsibility.


3. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

If you're interested in helping animals that are truly in need of your love and care, the best option for you is to volunteer at an animal shelter.

Many shelters have programs where you can come in for a designated amount of time each week and help with various things like grooming, feeding and even just playing with pets.

You'll get your animal fix, and these animals in need will get their human fix! Nothing beats that.

Girl volunteering at an animal shelter

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4. Get a Job at a Groomer's or Doggy Day Care

If you're looking for a truly fun and entertaining summer gig, a dog at a groomer's or doggy day care could be just the right fit for you.

Hours a day washing and playing with pups? Sounds like a dream job to us.


5. Foster a Pet

If you're very serious about showing your parents you are ready for a dog or cat, you might want to consider fostering a pet.

Often times, animal shelters and rescue facilities offer a program that allows you to bring an animal into your home for two weeks or more until they can find them a permanent home.

You will take care of that animal in your own home just like it's your very own. You'll feel good about helping an animal in need, and your mom and dad will get to see and feel what it's like bringing a furry friend into their home.

The only hard part about fostering is that often times you don't want to see the pet go. Who knows, this could lead you and your fam to adopt! ????White dog laying down on a teen girl

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