5 Big Things You Should Definitely Do This Capricorn Season

The official start of winter means a number of things, and having the holidays right around the corner means that Capricorn season is also here.

The end of each year and the beginning of the next are characterized by grounded, hard-working earth energies, so why not make the most of them? Keep reading to learn more about what Capricorn season will bring, and what to do so you don't wind up wasting it.

1. Get Organized

That impulse to get organized isn't just the buzz of a New Year's resolution—it's Capricorn energy at play. Make the most of it by doing a deep cleanse of your space, starting with the clutter that's likely been building around your desk area over the last unfocused months. This may even be the perfect time to get into the giving spirit and part with old things that no longer bring you joy, and will better serve someone else. Figure out what's trash, what's treasure and what you'll be donating to someone in need, and you'll have good vibes from a clean, minimalist space and from doing good.

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2. Set Goals and Make Plans

That drive to get organized doesn't end with tidying up. Chances are that right now you'll feel super motivated to start getting your life in order, too. Start by writing down the things you want to achieve in 2022, and then have a long, hard think about whether they're realistic, or if you're getting a little carried away by the spirit of the season. Break down your goals into small, achievable steps, and then prioritize these goals based on what you really want out of life, then commit to them for the year.


3. Work on Something That Matters (to You)

You're not alone if Capricorn season makes you feel like working harder than you ever have, but while it's easy to put that work into stuff like schoolwork or your part-time job, it can be a bit of a waste if it's something you're not passionate about. That's why we recommend investing that dedication into something that really matters to you, whether you're creating art, learning a skill or giving back to the world. That'the kind of work that will bring you joy and keep you motivated, so you'll have the energy to do what you love and what you have to do.

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4. Become an Expert

Capricorns are known for their big brains, structured learning and high intelligence, so take this time to grow your own mind by becoming an expert on something—anything. And it doesn't have to be quantum physics or rocket science, either. Maybe you want to learn a lot about your favorite animal, or the musical artist you can't stop listening to, or even master a video game that you love. Teach yourself about a subject, and no matter how niche or highly specialized it is, you'll expand your mind, which can help your width of knowledge grow even further in the future.


5. Rest

Perhaps our most important piece of advice for Capricorn season is to not get completely swept up by the urge to achieve and accomplish this season, and definitely make time to rest. If you're not careful, it's far too easy to burn out during Capricorn season because of the energies that tell you to go, go, go—and we're not surprised that most New Year's resolutions fizzle out by the time it ends on Jan. 21. Balance that hard work with frequent breaks, and even if it's unintuitive, don't forget to treat yourself and have fun.

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