Things to Keep in Mind After You've Been Rejected by Your Crush

You did it.

You finally mustered up enough courage to tell your crush how you feel, only to be faced with a big, fat rejection. So great, right?

Before you convince yourself you're not worthy of love or that everything is wrong with you, we've rounded up some important things to keep in mind once you've been rejected.

It's Not You

Let's rephrase this: It is you, but not in the way you think. Obviously, your crush turned you down because they didn't like something about you, but that in no way is a reflection of who you are.

You may feel like you need to fix yourself so your crush ends up liking you, but that's not the way to go. You never need to change yourself to adhere to someone else's standards, especially because that's only going to make you more miserable in the long run.


You're Allowed to Ask Why

After your crush rejects you, you are totally valid in asking why. You deserve an explanation, so don't feel scared or out of place asking for one.

If your crush isn't willing to tell you why they're uninterested, don't keep pestering them. Simply let sleeping dogs lie and move on with your day. Eventually, they may come around and reveal their reasoning behind turning you down.

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(Runaways via Hulu)


Don't Dwell on It for Too Long

It's perfectly acceptable for you to be upset about the situation. Rejection is something we would never wish on our worst enemies, because it freaking sucks.

Pretending like you're fine immediately after it happens isn't going to do you any good. Instead, let yourself be sad and wallow in self-pity, but don't let it last for too long.

This is just one rejection. It's not the end of the world.


Don't Try to Get Back at Them

The absolute worst thing you can do is try and hurt your crush the way they hurt you. It's vindictive and will only result in you looking bad. Plus, karma keeps receipts, so she'll remember this the next time you ask for something good to happen to you.

Let it go and move on. There's really no need to turn this situation into something you'd see happen on Riverdale. Real life isn't at all like a show on The CW.

Dark Betty on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


Applaud Yourself for Being Brave Enough to Do It

Even though things didn't work out (this time), give yourself a pat on the back for being brave enough to put yourself out there.

Telling someone you have feelings for them is no easy feat, so props to you for being bold enough to do just that.

Even though you'll feel hurt the second you're rejection, this will only propel you to be more confident in the future.


Rejection Is Protection

This is a saying we always recite to ourselves whenever we've been rejected, and it really does help.

It is a nice reminder that, for whatever reason, this wasn't meant to work out. In the moment, you've convinced yourself that all hope is lost, you'll be single forever and that's that. But even a few weeks after your devastating rejection, you'll realize that it was for the best that things didn't pan out as you hoped.

This brings us to our next point.


(Clueless via Paramount Pictures)


Someone Better Might Be Coming Along

Rejection is a good thing, because it means A) you weren't meant to be with that person to begin with and B) someone better is coming along.

We don't know when, where or how they'll show up in our lives, but that perfect person will find their way to you eventually.

So don't get discouraged when someone you've been fawning after for months rejects you, because the next person who comes along might very well be "the one."


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