6 Things You Need to Understand About Your Pisces Crush

Pisces are the sweetest, most gentle members of all the zodiac.

Their compassionate and caring energy is magnetic, so it's not uncommon to fall hard for a Pisces.

Still, despite their giving nature, they're not the easiest sign to care about. If you've found yourself crushin' on a Pisces, keep scrolling for six things you need to understand about your crush if you things to work.

1. They Have a High Emotional Intelligence

Pisces is a water sign, which means they nearly have a sixth sense when it comes to emotion. They're very empathetic, so they're sure to immediately relate to how you're feeling. They might even be able to explain your emotions better than you can, which can be a little off-putting at the start. However, their emotional capacity means they also tend to take on other's feelings and adopt them as their own. They'll be very affected by outside emotions, so unloading your problems on them should be done with care.

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2. They Expect Openness

Since Pisces have such a deep understanding of emotion, they also feel very connected to their feelings. They have no trouble being open with the people around them and will often express everything they're feeling without any hesitation. It's great to know exactly where they stand, but it also means they expect complete openness in return. If you have trouble expressing yourself, Pisces will find it very difficult to bond with you, as they'll automatically assume that your communication skills are lacking.


3. They Are Hopeless Romantics

Pisces believe in romance more than any other zodiac sign. They love falling in love, so no action is too sappy to capture their attention. Romantic gestures, lovings words and deep conversations about your feelings are all very attractive to a Pisces. Unfortunately, Pisces has trouble asking for what they need, so they might not make their love of affection known. They need someone who can give constant care without being reminded, as that's the only way they truly feel appreciated.

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4. They Aim to Please

Pisces is an incredibly selfless zodiac sign. They're constantly on the lookout for ways they can help others, and they will do almost anything to make the people around them happy. Unfortunately, that also means they can be taken advantage of very easily. They never expect anything in return for their generous nature, which makes them very prone to manipulation. They want to please others so badly that they often won't notice poor treatment until it's too late. You have to be careful not to abuse their giving character, as it could become easy to appreciate what they do for you, and not who they are.


5. They're Very Creative

Pisces is a sign that loves to use their imagination and think outside of the box. However, their creativity isn't always expressed through traditional forms of art. More than anything, Pisces just wants to try something new, instead of doing everything the same old boring way all the time. They need room to try out their ideas, and sometimes to fail, in order to fully embrace their creative energy.

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6. They Live in Their Imagination

Along with being creative, Pisces is also a very imaginative sign. Unfortunately, they tend to get a little too caught up in their imagination. Pisces are known for living with their head in the clouds, often forgetting that there are real-world things going on right in front of them. They need gentle reminders to stay grounded and to take a step back into reality every once in a while. They definitely shouldn't be encouraged to lose their imaginative side altogether, but living in the present a little more often would probably be a good thing.


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