8 Things We ALL Fight About With Our Siblings

If you have a sibling or siblings, you know how annoying they can be.

Under the surface, we love them with all of our hearts, but there are some things they do that seriously grind our gears. And you know what? We're all in the same boat!

It's natural to fight with your brothers or sisters because you're in close proximity and want the absolute best for one another. Curious as to what the most common fights between siblings are? Keep scrolling for the eight things we all fight about with our siblings.

1. When They Steal Your Clothes

Stealing your sibling's clothes is a rite-of-passage, but don't let that fool you. It will start a huge fight if you "borrow" something from them without asking first. To avoid any future blowouts, be sure to give them a compliment and then ask if you can wear that cute sweater.

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2. When You Can't Decide Who Gets 'Shotgun'

Let's face it—no one likes sitting in the back of the car. If there's ever an option to sit in the coveted front seat, you can count on a fight between siblings to happen. And how can you not? You get control of the AC and music.


3. When Someone Is a Tad Too Aggressive

Sometimes, things can get out of hand, and a shove can go too far. When someone accidentally gets hurt, it typically leads to lots of anger, yelling and sometimes even crying—even if it didn't hurt, the waterworks always find their way when a parent is around.


4. When You Threaten to Tell on Them

If you caught your sibling doing something they definitely weren't supposed to do, like come in after curfew or eat chocolate after bedtime, chances are, you'll threaten to tell on them. Most siblings keep this info to themselves for a rainy day.

sisters fighting

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5. When They Use Up All the Hot Water

You know those times when you've told everyone you're going to take a shower, sit there for 30 minutes, and your sibling proceeds to get in before you? "I was just about to shower!" is usually yelled, even though in all fairness, they just reminded you about said shower. And don't even get us started on using up all of the hot water.


6. When They Don't Shut Your Door All the Way

When your sibling walks into your room and just stares at you without saying anything, then leaves without closing the door, trouble is right around the corner. Especially if you're comfortable in your bed, the last thing you want to do is get up to close the door the rest of the way.


7. When You Keep Bumping Into One Another

Whether you're sitting in church, next to each other at dinner or in the car, bumping elbows or legs always ensues with a sibling. It gets annoying super fast and usually leads to a bruise and some arguing.


8. When You Blame Something on Them

If you've ever blamed something on your sibling that you most definitely did yourself, it's okay, you're not alone. Perhaps you accidentally broke something. Whatever it was, blaming your sibling seemed like a good idea at the time, right?

sisters fighting

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