6 Things We're Prioritizing in 2023

2023 is right around the corner, and whether you already have your list of resolutions together or not, now is the perfect time to start planning for how you're going to be your best self in the new year.

Doing that starts with knowing what to prioritize vs. what to spend less time worrying about, so we've gone ahead and created a little list of some things we're going to be prioritizing when 2022 comes to a close:

1. Our Health (Mental and Physical)

There's no time like the present to make health a priority, and we don't necessarily mean joining a gym. Focus on improving your mental and physical health in whatever works best for you, whether that be through meditation, taking long walks with a friend or anything else that doesn't make you hate your life while you do it.

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2. Our Friends

Speaking of friends, we're prioritizing them in 2023. We especially mean this in terms of putting friends first over relationships, as decentering ideas about dating is incredibly important to living your best life and doing whatever is best for you. So, stop worrying about if that person is going to text you back and go spend time with the people who you know always have your back: your friends.

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3. Literally Anything That Makes Us Happy

Have a hobby you've been neglecting? How about a certain restaurant that everyone always says you eat at too often? Forget about what others have to say and do whatever makes you happy, then do more of it.

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4. Being Kind

Four simple words can set you up for success not just in 2023, but in life: Treat people with kindness. It costs nothing to be kind, even on days when you aren't feeling your best or your temper is a little short. A little kindness can also go a long way, so why not give it a try?


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5. Building a Better Future

We mean this in a lot of ways, from doing what you can to be good to the environment to working hard in school or your career to set yourself up for a better future. Volunteer, network, get a summer job or do whatever else you can to occasionally just put your head down and do the harder things that will let you enjoy life more in the future.

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6. Ourselves

And finally, the main thing we're prioritizing in 2023 is (insert drumroll): Ourselves. Put your happiness first. Put your peace first. Put your mental health first. Do what you need to to not let others walk all over you, instead standing up for yourself when needed and carving out a place in the world that means something to you. Now, go get started.

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