5 Things No One Tells You About High School Graduation

It's time to get real about high school graduation.

Sure, it's a day you've likely been looking forward to for quite some time, and as one of the most universally celebrated occasions, it's something you will remember for years to come. But let's be honest—the day isn't all about moving some tassels, tossing some cardboard hats in the air and celebrating.

Scroll down for a list of five things no one tells you about high school graduation!

The Nostalgia Will Get You

As ready as you may be to say goodbye to high school, chances are you'll catch yourself feeling a tad nostalgic at some point during the graduation ceremony—and that's perfectly normal. While you may have been counting down to this momentous occasion for months or even years, it always feels a bit different once it actually comes around. Lean into your feelings and don't be afraid to show a little emotion if you so choose. It's proof that high school had a profound impact on your life, and helped make you who you are today.

Perks of a Wallflower Graduation
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It Goes By Quicker Than You Think

If you've ever sat through a relative's graduation (or been made to rehearse your own ceremony), you're well aware that, at times, the event feels like it's never going to end. However, when your own grad is actually underway, it tends to go by much quicker than you would think. Even though you're likely itching to get it over with so you can celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and family, try to pay attention to what the speakers are telling you. If they're any good, there are kernels of advice in there worth listening to.


But Parts of It Can Still Be Pretty Boring

Just because the ceremony goes by quicker than you think, doesn't mean there aren't parts of it that won't be mind-numbingly boring. This is especially true if you're school has more than two graduation speakers, because you know that means you have to sit through at least 15 minutes worth of speeches. Try to spice things up by making up fun games with your friends, or just by focusing on whatever fun shindig might be waiting for you when it's all over.

Gilmore Girls Gradution
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Graduation Caps and Gowns Are Uncomfortable

Sure, they look cute and make for endless Instagram fodder, but let's get real: Graduation gowns and caps are a real hassle. For starters, the gowns often smell, and the brightly colored ones have been known to bleed onto clothes underneath. Speaking of layers, if it's hot where you are, the gowns will make you even warmer, especially if you're sitting in the sun. Unfortunately, the caps aren't much better. As it turns out, wearing a cardboard square on your head can be super uncomfortable, especially if you need to use a billion pins to ensure it stays firmly in place.


This Is the Last Time You'll See Several People in Your Class

Like it or not, graduation could be the last time you see several people in your high school class. While you might be happy to say sayonara to the guy who sat behind you in chem who always asked you how to balance a chemical equation, you might not be quite as ready to bid farewell to friends and acquaintances. Chances are that if you work at it, you and your friends will be able to stay in touch, but as everyone heads off in their own direction, it can often be more difficult than you might think. As you sit at graduation, take a moment to think about the friends and peers who helped you get where you are, and then be sure to celebrate all you have accomplished.

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