4 Things You Don't Need to Do During the Holidays

We've said "see you next year" to Halloween and now, if you listen closely, you might already be able to hear the faintest whisper of Christmas music creeping just around the corner.

You know what that means: the holidays are here! That means it's time for feasting, gathering, gifting and lots of other fun things that we get to enjoy this time of year. On the other hand, though, it also means that it's time for some things that aren't so holly jolly.

The holidays can come with plenty of stress and pressure, especially for teens and young adults. And no matter how your family handles the holidays or what traditions you hold, it can feel like you have a lot on your shoulders that you're expected to do. However, we're here to tell you that you don't need to put up with anything you don't want to. We don't mean that in a "you never have to listen to your parents or skip your chores when you don't want to do them" kind of way, but rather in a fundamental way when something truly and deeply bothers you or causes you harm (even if it's mental). With that said, here are some things you don'need to do during the holidays.

1. You Don't Need to Worry About Gaining Weight

Food is a major part of what makes the holidays so great, so why wouldn't you want to enjoy it? However, society still places a lot of shame on weight gain, even during times when we're supposed to be focused on family and friends and feeling thankful rather than the way our clothes are fitting or the number on a scale. Enjoy the holidays and all the tasty food that comes with them, and try to just relax and avoid worrying about something as minuscule as your weight in the process.


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2. You Don't Need to Hug People If You Don't Want To

As children, we're often told things by our parents that, while said with the best of intentions, are actually pretty problematic in the long run. One of these things that tend to come up a lot during the holidays when family and friends abound is that it's "polite" to hug someone hello and "rude" if you don't want to. What this can actually do, though, is engrain it into your mind that you should cross your own physical personal boundaries to make someone else feel more comfortable, even if it completely sets you on edge when doing so.

If you want to hug that person, absolutely go for it, it might just make their day and be a special moment! But if you don't enjoy physically touching some people or the intimacy of a hug, you should never be forced to do it anyway. There are plenty of other polite ways of greeting people or wishing them well that don't involve you crossing your boundaries by doing so.


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3. You Don't Need to Blow Your Budget on Buying Gifts

You know what they say: "giving is better than receiving." 'Tis the season for giving, and giving means gifting (which means spending money you just might not have.) The thing is, though, that you really don't need to break the bank when buying gifts in order to make someone feel special or get them something they cherish. While it may sound cheesy, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to these things, as a heartfelt hand-made card can easily have the same impact (if not more) as an expensive gift that you could barely afford in the first place.


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4. You Don't Need to Wear Uncomfortable Clothes

Tight clothing and holiday feasts don't always get along, so you might want to just skip the uncomfy clothes right from the start. While you might look great for that first family photo, is it really worth feeling bloated and constrained for the rest of the time you're there? Probably not. Besides, you can still be both cute and comfortable at the same time with the right outfit choice, so there really is a win-win situation out there.

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