4 Things You Should Know Before High School

You've finally made it!

High school is the time to start an exciting new chapter of your life. The next four years might seem a little scary, but they won't be as bad as you think.  In fact, the experiences you have will depend entirely on what you make of them. If you're feeling a little underprepared, we're here for you. Here are the four things you should know before entering high school—they'll go by faster than you think.

1. Time Management

For those of you who struggle with time management, the first step is getting a calendar or planner to have a successful four years. This can help you manage your homework, extracurriculars and social life all at once. High school can get very busy very quickly and can be stressful, so make sure you write down all of your important homework assignments and dates for classes so you don't miss a thing. Noting essential dates will get you into the habit of studying, and therefore prepare you for exams. This will save you in the long run from cramming and staying up late.


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2. Friends are Important

Your friends are your support system, so it's crucial to create friendships that will make you feel comfortable and accepted at school. The right friends will be there for you when you need them. When you're having a bad day at school, you can turn to them for support, guidance and advice. It's important to build trust with your friends, so if you don't feel comfortable around your friends, it may be time to consider a new group.


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3. Be Yourself

Being yourself is very important during your high school years. It is easy to fit in and try to follow someone else's lead, but being yourself will prove to be a happier choice for you in the long run. Fitting in is not as important as it might seem. You want to make sure you aren't making yourself out to be a person you're not, since having to put on a front can be detrimental.


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4. Get involved

It is also vital to get involved. Involvement with clubs, extracurriculars and community activities is a great way to meet friends, as well as to balance your college application. Taking challenging AP classes that you don't like might not be the answer. Perhaps focusing on both easier classes and extracurricular activities will be a more achievable balance, and make you feel more fulfilled. There are plenty of opportunities for doing things outside of school that will benefit you in more ways than one.


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