5 Things You Should Never Do Around Your Aquarius Crush

If you're crushin' on an Aquarius, you're probably struggling to impress this complicated sign.

While there are plenty of things you can do to catch their attention, there are also a few actions that are definite turnoffs for these complicated members of the zodiac.

If you don't want to scare away your new love interest, keep scrolling for five things you should never do around your Aquarius crush.

Show Signs of Controlling Behavior

Although Aquarians are adaptable and easygoing people, their biggest fear is feeling restricted or controlled. They're a sign who deeply values freedom and equality for all, so they see independence as a crucial part of human interaction. Aquarians expect autonomy in all their relationships, but specifically in their romantic interactions. They crave an equal partnership where both members have the freedom and support to pursue their own goals.

If you show signs of controlling behavior, your Aquarius crush will immediately assume you can't provide the independence they need, essentially ending your relationship before it has even begun.

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Interrupt Their Alone Time

Although some signs pull away in the hope that people who care about them will follow, Aquarius is not one of them. This is a sign that deeply appreciates their moments of solitude, and will often cut off communication with the people around them. Don't get confused—they are not seeking attention by secluding themselves. In fact, attempting to interrupt their alone time will often result in frustration and anger. Aquarius requires a partner who will respect their need for isolation, so be sure you give them space and time when they pull away, rather than force them to talk to you.


Act Blatantly Disrespectful

Aquarius is a very socially-minded, compassionate zodiac sign. Their main concern is the people around them—how they can help them and what they can do to solve various problems that arise. Therefore, Aquarius has no patience for people who are blatantly rude for no reason. Although Aquarius has their own tendency to become uncompromising and aloof, they never do so to purposefully put down their fellow human. Blatant disrespect is a huge turnoff for an Aquarius, so always try to let your sympathetic side shine when you're in front of your crush.


Shut Down Opportunities to Learn

Aquarius is an air sign, which means they're very intellectually-driven. They believe in the power of knowledge and they value the opportunity to learn from the people around them as much as they enjoy the opportunity to teach. Although they can sometimes come across as condescending in their efforts to have an intellectual discussion, it's important to remember that there's nothing an Aquarius loves more than an exchange of knowledge. Shutting down their efforts to talk to you about intellectual subjects will come across as closed-minded, which will firmly implant in their mind that you won't give be able to give them the knowledgeable exchange that they need in a relationship.


Push for a Relationship

Aquarius moves very slowly in a relationship. They take time to warm up to people and to feel comfortable being vulnerable, so anyone who comes on too strong will absolutely turn them off. Not only will you make them uneasy, you'll also ruin the opportunity to truly bond with them. With an Aquarius, it's best to start out as friends. Once you've built a solid foundation to your relationship, you can both start to judge if there's a romantic future, or if you're better off as close pals.


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