7 Things You Should Never Feel Obligated to Do in a Relationship

If you're in a relationship, it's pretty easy to assume that you genuinely want to be a good girlfriend.

No one enters into a relationship hoping to be mediocre, so it's understandable that you want to do everything in your power to make your significant other happy.

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However, sometimes the desire to be the perfect shoulder to lean on for your S.O. can leave you feeling pressured to do things that leave you feeling uncomfortable. As fun as relationships might be, it's also important that you stay true to yourself and shy away from anyone who would push you too far out of your comfort zone.

We've definitely been there, and we're here to help! Keep scrolling for seven things you should never feel obligated to do in a relationship.

Hang Out With Them at All Times

Being in a relationship is fun and exciting for many reasons, including having a built-in buddy to hang with pretty much whenever you want. As enjoyable as it might be to spend time with your S.O., you should never feel like you have to spend all your time with them. Other activities and other people are going to demand your attention, and you should be able to participate in other aspects of life without feeling guilty that your S.O. can't be included in every second of your day. If your S.O. is pressuring you to spend every spare moment by their side, it might be time to say goodbye and search for someone who understands that there is more to your life than your romantic relationship.

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Sacrifice a Hobby For Them

Hobbies are such a crucial part of what makes you unique and special. They are not only how you to choose to spend your free time, but they are also the source of many friendships and important relationships. Therefore, you should be searching for an S.O. who supports the things you love and would never ask you to give them up. There are many reasons you may feel pressured to give up your favorite activities. Maybe your S.O. thinks dance is boring, or maybe they're upset that you're spending all your time at soccer practice. Whatever the reasoning might be, you should never feel like you have to give up something you love to maintain your relationship. Hobbies are part of what makes you so extraordinary, and if your S.O. can't see that, then someone else will.


Spend Money on Them

Navigating the "who pays for who" battle in relationships is tricky, so it's important to remember that this rule goes both ways. Treating your S.O. to a nice dinner or buying them a pricey birthday gift is a sweet gesture, but you should never feel like you have to spend money in order to make them happy, just as they should never feel obligated to spend money on you. If you have yet to receive your most recent paycheck or you're feeling a little strapped for cash in general, it's okay to explain to your S.O. that you need to take a step back from spending for a while. The amount of money you spend on each other says nothing about the overall state of your relationship. Be open and honest about your finances, and understand when one or both of you doesn't feel comfortable spending at the moment.

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Lie for Them

Sometimes it might feel like you and your S.O. are a single unit, unable to separate your individual actions from the other person. It's true that your actions will have larger effects on each other when you're dating, but you're still very much your own people. If your S.O. has done something wrong and you're aware of it, you should never feel like you have to lie to keep them out of trouble. If they choose to participate in something dishonest, they need to be willing to accept the consequences of their actions. Lying for them only means you'll get caught up in their drama and open yourself up to punishment, as well. Let them handle their negative actions in their own way, and try to stay out of the crossfire.


Spend Time With Their Friends Who Make You Uncomfortable

Dating a new person usually means that your friend groups will start to overlap. While it might be nice to mix your lives and meet new people, you should never feel like you have to spend time with any of your S.O.'s friends who you don't feel comfortable around. Maybe you just get an overall bad vibe from these people or maybe you're aware that they're involved in some not-so-savory activities—whatever the reason might be, you should trust your gut and remove yourself from that situation, no matter how close they might be to your significant other. If your partner truly cares about your feelings, they'll understand. They might even take your worries to heart and reevaluate the people they spend their time with.

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Do Their Chores For Them

Sometimes when you're dating someone—especially if you've been dating for a long time—the expected roles for your relationship can get a little bit twisted. Helping your S.O. with their daily chores or tidying up their space as a kind gesture is a nice way to show that you care, but you should never feel like their duties are also your responsibility. If you find that your S.O. expects you to clean up after them or is constantly asking you to complete their assigned tasks, it's a pretty clear sign that they're not willing to take responsibility for their own burdens. It's not your job to make sure they get their stuff done, and you shouldn't feel like participating in their domestic duties is essential to a happy relationship.


Apologize For Them

Being in a relationship naturally means that people will associate you and your S.O. with each other in social settings. It can be pretty exciting to have a person, and you should embrace the fact that you are now connected on a deeper level. However, your S.O. is still responsible for their own behavior. If they are rude, short-tempered or abrupt in their social interactions, it's not your responsibility to apologize for their bad behavior. If you're constantly feeling like you have to provide excuses for your partner's actions, it may be a sign that they are not quite mature enough for a relationship, considering they can't even conduct a conversation without offending people.


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