Thinking Out Loud Video Shows Of Ed Sheeran's Moves!

Sheerios around the world are super impressed with Ed Sheeran's incredible dance moves in his new "Thinking Out Loud" video, but we're even more inspired by all of the work Ed put into making the perfect video!thinking out loud ed sheeran

Ed trained extensively with Nappytabs dancer Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo in order to perfect his moves for the music video.

It's rumored that he trained for 5 hours every day for this shoot while he was on his latest tour, and that he trained 8 hours a day for the 5 days leading up to the shoot! He lost 35 pounds in the process!

In the new video, Ed ditches his casual style and gets all dressed up before heading out on the ballroom floor with dance partner Brittany Cherry of So You Think You Can Dance fame.

The romantic song pairs perfectly with the duo's dance, consisting of a sweet and eclectic mix of styles that translate the lyrics wonderfully into movement.

Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo say that, despite the video's edits, Ed completed the dance in a single take!

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