13 Struggles of Being the Third Wheel

We've all been there—your bestie starts dating someone and you've somehow become the third wheel.

From dates to birthday celebrations, you're there for it all. You still love your BFF, but witnessing PDA and constantly feeling like a burden eventually takes its toll.

Can you relate? Here are 13 struggles of being the third wheel:

1. You Feel Like You're Intruding When the S.O. is the One Who Crashed Your Hang-Out Sesh

You think you're meeting your friend for lunch but in walks her S.O.—great, another opportunity to feel awkward and alone.

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2. You've Been on More Blind Dates Than You Can Count

They only want to set you up with someone so they have another couple to hang out with. Are they even vetting these weirdos you're suddenly sitting across from at the table?


3. You Have to Constantly Tell Them You're Happy With The Single Life

From time to time you question if you'll end up a crazy cat lady.


4. You Witness a Lot of Arguments

Why do they always drag you into them? Like, no, you're not gonna choose sides.


5. You've Somehow Become Their Unofficial Photographer

If only you were getting paid for this.


6. You Don't Know What to Do When They Turn Up the PDA

Should you watch them? Look up to the sky? Pretend like it's not happening right in front of you?

vampire diaries kissing third wheel

(The Vampire Diaries via The CW)


7. You Sometimes Feel Lonely When You See How Happy They Are Together

I'm happy being single, I'm happy being single, I'm happy being single (I think).


8. It's Always Awkward When Your Friend's S.O. Introduces You to People

"This is my girlfriend I've been telling you so much about. She's amazing and beautiful… oh, and this is her friend."


9. You've Seen Them Makeout at the Movies One Too Many Times

You learned this the hard way—did they even come up for air?


10. You Never Ride Shotgun

You feel like their kid sitting in the back seat.


11. Going Out to Eat With Them Reminds You of How Single You Are

You're always by yourself on one side of the booth—then comes the issue of splitting the check.


12. You Feel Like You've Been Replaced

Your friendship dynamic has changed since your bestie got together with their S.O.


13. In the End, You'd Rather Third Wheel Than Be Alone

It's nice to have company—beats watching Netflix by yourself on another Friday night.

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As a third wheel, you're obviously single. HERE are some Instagram captions to use for your next solo pic.