The very first image from One Direction’s 3D movie “One Direction: This Is Us” has hit the net!

The first still from One Direction's upcoming 3D movie, "This Is Us"

In the photo, the boys appear in front of giant screens of what appear to be concert footage donning black and white and wearing super-cool glasses. At first glance, they appear to be sunglasses… but we’re thinking they’re actually 3D glasses, which is appropriate considering this is their first 3D concert film!

The photo was released earlier today by Columbia Pictures. With a little luck, we’ll be seeing a lot more from them soon!

Documentarian Morgan Spurlock who’s famous for “Super Size Me” directed and produced the movie, which gives an insight into what it’s like to be IN the band. We can’t wait to see what that brings!

The movie comes out in August. We’ll be waiting as patiently as we can until then!