Thomas Day Learns to Let Go in New Single 'not my job anymore'

Learning to let go of someone after the end of a relationship is rarely easy, and 19-year-old singer-songwriter Thomas Day knows this well.

The artist and TikTok sensation channeled his real experiences into his new single, "not my job anymore," exploring the pain that can linger long after a relationship ends, and the process of moving on and releasing the pain that's preventing you from happiness. The vulnerable song and its official music video are out today, and we had the opportunity to go straight to the source and ask Thomas himself precisely what inspired the song and its touching lyrics.

The Story Behind 'not my job anymore'

Thomas Day: This song is all about having to let go of somebody completely. Not just the thought of no longer having them, but accepting the fact that you no longer get to help/are allowed to help them whenever they need that shoulder to lean on. I experienced this and it hit me extremely hard so I had to write about it.


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What 'not my job anymore' Means

Thomas Day: This song is more than a breakup song to me. My entire life I have been the one to want to help people and make sure they are "doing okay." This song is a call out to anyone who has needed to let go of any pain that is holding them down, and I hope it gives you a little light wherever you are.

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Thomas's Favorite Lyric

Thomas Day: "I gave it all to you when you asked me to, but some things I can't fix, no some things I can't fix." When you're in love with somebody I think everyone just wants to be there for the other person. Whether it's during a happy time in their partner's life or a sad time, you want to do everything in your power to reassure them in any way. Sometimes you get caught up in the act of loving someone so much, you forget how much you're capable of holding and then they slip through your hands. This lyric describes that perfectly to me.

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