Everything You Need to Know About Pop Artist and TikTok Star Thomas Day

After Thomas Day's stint on America's Got Talent, we knew that wasn't the last we'd be hearing from the honey-voiced musician, and we were so right.

The artist's powerful new track, "Softly," was released just last month, breaking hearts everywhere, and that's just the beginning for Thomas. He has 5 million followers on TikTok—and counting—who are just as excited as we are to see him take off in a big way. If you adore him as much as we do, keep reading to find out everything we discovered about him as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Thomas Day Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Joseph Llanes)

Name: Thomas Day

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Birthday: October 9

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. Thomas says he couldn't live without Cheez-Its.

"They're one of my go-to snacks."

-Thomas Day


2. Thomas was being recruited to play college football before he decided to pursue a musical career instead.

3. He says his weirdest habit is probably shopping for different types of cologne.

4. He's a very good kicker.

"I was the kicker on the football team at my high school!"

-Thomas Day

5. His strangest hobby is working out really late at night.

6. Touring is the No. 1 thing on his bucket list.

"I can't wait to take my songs on the road and be able to connect with my listeners live."

-Thomas Day

7. If a movie were made about Thomas's life, he'd love for Timothée Chalamet to play him.

8. If he could have anyone mentor him, Thomas would pick Harry Styles.

"He's one of my biggest influences in music."

-Thomas Day

9. He says he'd make a terrible bank teller.

"Math has never been my strongest suit."

-Thomas Day

10. Harry Styles and Paul McCartney are his biggest musical influences.

11. Above all, Thomas says he's driven by his heart.

"I lead with my emotions."

-Thomas Day


Check out Thomas's latest song, "Softly," below.


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