Thomas Day Reveals How He Wrote 'The End' as a 'Home' for the 'Alone, Scared, Broken or Hopeless'

There are few artists who stun us as consistently as 20-year-old singer-songwriter Thomas Day, and his latest single, "The End," is no exception.

The track and its incredible music video dropped earlier this month, showing Thomas at his most vulnerable, as well as most powerful, as both a lyricist and a vocalist. The track begins with delicately strummed guitars and gentle, melancholy vocals before escalating into an anthemic, triumphant chorus you won't be able to resist shouting along to, with a message of hope, in spite of everything. "The End"'s lyrics will stick with you long after the song has finished, which is why we just had to go straight to Thomas himself and get him to share precisely how the song came to be and what it means to him.

The Story Behind 'The End'

Thomas Day: The day I wrote "The End" was a day I will never forget. I was in Los Angeles for a trip and was writing with my best friends, Madi Yanofsky and Nick Ruth. It was so hot in L.A. that day, and we had no air conditioning in the studio, so I was sweating like crazy! I was also super tired because the night before, I couldn't sleep and ended up listening to a bunch of sad songs. The past five years have been one big roller coaster for me, to say the least. I've been dealing with family, heartbreak, mental health and other impactful events over the past few years, and, for some reason, I had been thinking about all of it the day I wrote "The End." I went on a kind of monologue to Madi and Nick about feeling alone, anxiety and all of the other things that had been on my heart recently, and the song came together from there. It was my favorite songwriting session I've ever had. This song means everything to me and I feel that it answers a question many people are facing every day. If you ever feel alone, scared, broken or hopeless, this song can hopefully be a home for you.


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What 'The End' Means

TD: The song means everything to me. It's a release and an answer to feeling less alone in the world. I hope it makes people feel loved.

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Thomas's Favorite Lyric

TD: My favorite lyric from this song is, "So this is acceptance, some days you're gonna feel this numb. So many lessons you weren't supposed to learn this young." I think it's a lyric that will hit home to anyone who has had to deal with heartbreak at a young age.

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