Thomas Day Sees Through the Facade With His Uplifting New Song 'Wildflower'

Pretending to be okay, even though you're anything but? Thomas Day's new single "Wildflower" is here to be a new anthem for lifting yourself up and holding on.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation hasn't let us down yet, and with its rousing, empowering chorus and a sound that feels classic yet fully fresh, "Wildflower" just might be his best song to date. It's a sweet pick-me-up in song form and a reminder to anyone who's down that it'll pass and that things get better. We're fully obsessed, and we had the chance to chat with Thomas and learn exactly what the song, and its lyrics, mean to him.

The Story Behind 'Wildflower'

Thomas Day: This song came to me in the most interesting way. I was in NYC for a trip to write songs and it was a Thursday morning. I was leaving my hotel and I noticed this girl was sitting on a park bench and I thought she was super pretty. As I was walking, we both noticed each other and smiled, then she trailed next to me going to her location. At one point, we stopped at a light, and she was listening to music and I saw she had a sad playlist on. Which made me think, no matter how pretty or amazing your life can look, everyone experiences pain and can get lost. This is my song to help anyone who feels alone.


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What 'Wildflower' Means

TD: This song means everything to me. It means understanding that you're not alone and honestly that you're never going to have to go through anything on your own.

Thomas Day smiling in sweater vest

(Photo credit: Brenton Giesey)


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Thomas's Favorite Lyric

TD: "When you feel the walls start to cave in, darling just hold on, be patient, try to remember when it's late December the summer ain't too far away." I just think this is such a beautiful way of describing holding on. Considering the seasons.

Thomas Day smelling the wildflowers

(Photo credit: Brenton Giesey)


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