Whaddya Know? Vine Star Thomas Sanders Wants to Be on Broadway!

Okay, you know we live for Instagram, but let's take a moment to appreciate Vine because it gave us the gift that is Thomas Sanders.

Inspiring, silly and an overall amazing human being, he has everything we could possibly want in an #MCM . Read on for all our reasons why the feels for this guy just got a million times stronger this week.

Thomas Sanders artwork for Sweety High's #MCM

(Photo Credit: Grizzlee Martin)

Full Name: Thomas Sanders

Birthplace: Florida

Birthday: April 24

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Animal: Cheetah

Fun Facts:

1. He shared with us that it's a dream of his to be on Broadway one day. We would not object to a Thomas Sanders musical at all–actually we're hoping for it. Do you hear that universe? Make it happen, please.
2. For his first acting experience, he played a salt shaker in Beauty and the Beast. We're sure he made the most precious salt shaker of them all.
3. When he's alone, he loves to belt out a few good Disney songs. I think we just found his next series of Vine videos, am I right? Because those don't happen to exist yet, enjoy this throwback shot of him and Mickey looking so adorable.

#tbt to me and my main man, Mickey Mouse. Just two of the coolest dudes you've ever laid your eyes upon.

A photo posted by Thomas Sanders (@thomassanders) on

4. The universe has answered us much sooner than we thought because Thomas is embarking on his Ultimate Storytime  tour this month. It's a live musical comedy show featuring him and all his friends. He had us at the words musical and comedy, so we don't think you need any further reason to go.

5. Like us, he's very passionate about pizza. He believes all pizzas are beautiful, and we couldn't agree more.

6. He does a feature on his Instagram called #fanartfriday to display drawings of him done by talented artists each week.

7. He now has more than seven million followers on Vine. We're not surprised. Do yourself a favor and watch a few of them. You'll mostly be crying of laughter, but you also need to watch because he's just that handsome.

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