5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your S.O. That Are Thoughtful and Cheap

Valentine's Day can be a pretty stressful holiday.

If you're dating someone, there's always the issue of what to get them. Are they going to go all out and buy you something crazy? Should you, too? Simply put—no, you do not need to empty your wallet on one silly holiday. Instead, spend time with your loved one and remind them of why they love you oh so much.

Need some ideas? Keep reading for five Valentine's Day gifts for your S.O. that are thoughtful and cheap:


1. Flowers

Name a time you've received flowers from someone you love and you didn'smile. Since everyone loves getting flowers sent to them, make sure to find the prettiest, most delicious-smelling ones for your S.O. If you know their fave type of flower, that's even better! Have it sent to their house or in the middle of a class. They'll initially act embarrassed, but they'll secretly love the attention. Plus, everyone will be jealous they have you as an amazing girlfriend!

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2. Make Them a Candlelit Dinner

Nothing says romance like a candlelit night with the love of your life. Cook them their absolute favorite meal… even if it's hotdogs. Whatever it is, make sure it's presented beautifully on the ground over layers of blankets, rugs and pillows. Set candles strategically all over the room for a romantic vibe. When they arrive, take their phone away so that all the attention is focused solely on the two of you. They'll love how much effort and energy you put into making them happy. Expect a fab present for yourself, too!


3. Write Them a Love Letter

Take a note from Lara Jean and write a love letter (but actually purposely send it)! Whether you've been dating for three months or three years, leave your feelings on the page. You can make it funny, sweet or romantic—it's up to you! Discuss the first time you laid eyes on them and how it made you feel. Tell them a secret, like the first time you knew you were in love. These things are memories they'll love to see written down, and ones they can remember forever. If you feel like going all out, put the message in a bottle!

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4. Give Them Handmade Coupons

Admit it—your S.O. has made you watch a wrestling match or a show you didn't like when you'd much rather be enjoying The Bachelor. This time around, make them coupons so they can watch their shows guilt-free! Some other ideas would be: a hug, a back rub, a car wash, movie night of your choice, dinner date of your choice, you get the T.V. remote for a whole day and more. Think of inside jokes between the two of you for even more ideas!


5. Buy Them All of Their Favorite Snacks

If your S.O. is known for their love of snacks, make a gift out of it! Pay attention to the foods they gravitate towards and try to remember the ones they've discussed in front of you. Pick out an array of their fave snacks and arrange it on a cute cutting board to really wow them. They'll love that you put effort into their gift, even if it wasn't too expensive! After all, Valentine's Day isn't about giving and receiving gifts, it's about love and celebrating the happiness the two of you share.


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