12 Anxious Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind Before Making a Phone Call

Phone calls should only be reserved for specific people and specific situations. For real.

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There's no greater joy than staying up until the wee hours gossiping about your crush with your BFF, or chatting with your fave grandparent about how well you're doing in school—but when it comes to hopping on a call with someone just 'cause, the answer is simply no.

But, what do you do when someone you don't vibe with on the phone insists the only way to communicate is via voice? You most likely experience a multitude of thoughts and frustrations as you prep for these calls.

Rest assured, we feel the same way! Keep reading for 12 thoughts and questions that go through your mind before enduring a phone call.

1. How long will the awkward small-talk last before getting to the point of the call?


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2. What if a barking dog, doorbell or yelling parent in the background makes the call even more uncomfortable?

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3. What if they, accidentally, don't answer when I call, or vice versa, and I'm stuck anxiously waiting around all day while we keep playing phone tag?

4. What if they put me on the spot with a weird topic or question that I don't want to answer?

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5. What if I stop paying attention because they're rambling so much and then they ask something that requires me to have been listening?

6. How do I graciously end the call when I legitimately have to go?

7. What happens when there's an awkward lull in the conversation?

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8. What if I tell them I need to go and they won't let me get off the phone?

9. Why won't they accept my suggestion to discuss whatever it is over text or email?

10. Hopefully they're busy and this call won't take long.

11. Maybe something will come up and they'll either forget about the call or have to reschedule.

12. There's definitely something wrong with them. Why do they want to talk to me on the phone?


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