18 Thoughts You Have Before Your Parents Attend Back-to-School Night

As if going back to school isn't bad enough, they need to make an entire event out of it by inviting parents and guardians into the gates for some bonding time.


We always have incredibly mixed feelings when it comes to our parents and teachers meeting. Something about it just seems downright unnatural. Like when you run into a teacher at Target. Yikes.

But for better or worse, below are all of the thoughts that race through your mind before you 'rents return to campus for back-to-school night:

1. Okay, I'm not in elementary school anymore. Why would my parents even want, need or care about meeting all of my teachers? Is this really necessary anymore? I mean, really.

Fresh Off the Boat family at school

(Fresh Off the Boat via 20th Century Fox Television)

2. Well if they must go, now they can truly understand just how terrible that one teacher is and hopefully believe me next time I claim that Mr. What'sHisFace is out to get me.

3. But… what if he turns up the charm and makes a completely opposite impression on my folks, and now they'll never believe me?!?

4. Are my teachers going to tattle on me for coming in late nearly every day last week?

5. They wouldn't.

6. Or would they?!?

7. What if my History teacher talks about the big project that I told my parents is due next month but is actually due next week.

8. OMG please don't let my parents ask any embarrassing questions.

Raven raising hand at kids' school

(Raven's Home via Disney Channel)

9. No, wait, my parents are always embarrassing so they're definitely going to make a mockery of my name.

10. Wait, what if my teachers don't like my parents? They wouldn't hold that against me, would they? Would they??

Raven embarrassing kids on Raven's Home

(Raven's Home via Disney Channel)

11. Please oh please don't go all Mama Bear on my teacher and confront them about all the bad things I said.

12. Is it worse for your parents to love a teacher you hate or hate a teacher you love? That is the question.

Cory and Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World

(Boy Meets World via Disney Channel)

13. The least my teachers could do is go through our assignment schedule so my parents truly understand the torturous workload I'm under. And maybe—just maybe—they'll stop nagging me about chores.

14. Great, my parents are definitely going to run into my friends' parents and they're all going to talk about us. This is a dangerous scenario.

Moms of Pretty Little Liars

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)

15. Hold on, are my parents even going to make it to Back to School Night? Shouldn't they be home by now?

16. I mean not that I care… it's just, I don't want them to be late if they must go.

17. Okay fine, it's kind of cool that they care enough about my life to go to this dumb event.

18. But then who's going to make me dinner?!


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