19 Thoughts You Have When Talking to Your Crush for the First Time

Talking to your crush is perhaps one of the most nerve-racking experiences. Period.

That first interaction is especially scary. What are you supposed to say, how are you supposed to act and, seriously, how can you stop yourself from blushing?

Scroll below to relive 19 thoughts that have probably raced through your head during a terrifying first conversation with your crush.

1. Here it is, the moment of truth—I can see my crush right there. Do it. Do it. Do it. Just go up and say hi.

2. So I said hi, now what?

Teen girl talking to guy

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3. Oh, right, I should probably ask a question and not just stand here like a weirdo.

4. Okay, okay. Crush is engaging. Now smile, push your hair back and try to look cute.

5. Oh no, do I look like I'm trying too hard? I feel like I'm trying too hard. Stop fidgeting.

Teen girl laughing at guy while eating

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6. They just told a joke, I should laugh. Okay, laughing. ????

7. Hmmm, how can I figure out a sneaky way to see them this weekend? I have to think of an excuse…

8. Got it! We have a test Monday. A study session is a totally casual way to hang out.

9. And we're in! Do they think I'm weird for initiating a hang out?! Oh well. Quality time.

10. Okay, more people are joining the convo, I can handle this. Just gotta keep them focused.

Two teen girls talking to a cute guy

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11. Wow, they just said my name. They actually know my name.

12. Am I blushing? Shoot. I think I'm blushing.

13. Be cool. Be cool.

14. What's this? Are they pulling out their phone? Could this mean….?

Teen girl and guy sitting next to each other and texting

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15. That's right, they just asked for my number, I am so in. ????

16. Time for the goodbye. What do I do? Handshake, hug, smile and nod? Why is everything so difficult?

17. Just go for a casual wave and say "See you later." Totally cool. Totally laid back.

18. I did it, I really did it.

Girl smiling and pulling her hair back

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19. Conversation complete and hang out initiated. Gahh, they're so cute.

Sound about right? We thought you might relate. ????


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