9 Thrift Store Hacks That Will Make You Want to Be Frugal

Thrifting can be an insanely rewarding experience—it's essentially a scavenger hunt for clothing!

And because today, Aug. 17, is National Thrift Shop Day, it's the perfect excuse to head to your nearest consignment store and stock up on back-to-school clothing without completely breaking the bank.

Check out these nine simple thrifting hacks and prepare to excitedly feel more frugal than ever. 

Thrift store jackets hanging on a rack

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1. Check Out a Variety of Thrift Stores

Before you shop, do your homework! Prepare by going online and mapping out thrift stores in your town that you want to hit up. It's true that sometimes thrift stores in more expensive areas have a nicer selection, but that doesn't mean you should judge a store by its appearance. Hidden gems can be found in the most unlikely locations.

The more stores you hit, the better chance you have of stumbling across a great find!


2. Venture Outside of Women's Clothing

News flash: The men's clothing department is full of hidden treasures. Dad hats, flannels and boyfriend jeans are all found in the men's section. Don't be scared, head over there and see what you can find.

Jeans on a rack at a thrift store

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3. Be Patient

If you really want to strike gold, you have to be willing to explore the store. As we said, don't just stay in the women's clothing section. Often times, thrift stores can be a bit disorganized. Clothing items and accessories get placed in the wrong section, and it's your job to discover them. Walk through the entire shop and keep your eyes peeled!


4. Shop Off-Season

While shopping, try to think ahead about the upcoming season. If you shop for winter clothing in the summer, or vice versa, you will find the best deals and have a way better selection!


5. Be Creative

This is a biggie. Look at each item in the store as if it's a project, because, let's face it, most items here aren't going to be perfect. With a little love and some imagination, something like a pair of mom jeans can be transformed into the cutest pair of cut-off, high-waisted shorts. Get crafty!

DIY shorts with lace

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6. Download Google Goggles App

Ladies, download this app now and it will save your life during all your shopping sprees! This service allows you to take pictures of a product or its barcode and then scan through google images to see what the item typically sells for. It will help you determine if you're truly making a thrifty decision, or if you'd be better off buying the product new. You can download it for Android phones HERE, or the apple version can be found HERE.


7. Know the Deals

A lot of thrift stores have days of the week where items with a certain colored price tag are up to half off. That's some serious bargain shopping. This may require a bit of research, but the pay off is so worth it. Big sales often mean that new inventory is coming in, so it's likely that fresh items will be added to the store a day after the sale. Score.

Pile of clothing with a sale tag on them

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8. Donate Your Old Clothing

Did you know that if you donate your own items to a thrift store you can get rewarded? Sometimes you can get a 20% or 30% off coupon just for bringing in items that you no longer wear. Uh-mazing!


9. Try Thrifting Online

If you just can't handle the madness of thrift shopping, you're in luck. Goodwill has an online store called ShopGoodwill. It's essentially an online auction house that allows you to buy items from your local Goodwill or a Goodwill somewhere else in the country. Stay in bed and thrift away, we won't judge.


Once you snag all the bargains, head home for a DIY party! Maybe you can try making one of THESE adorable pairs of flip-flops!