Thrifting Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Thrifting has rapidly become one of the hottest new trends to hop on.

Lately, our Instagram timelines have been full of influencers showing off their latest finds (and giving us major FOMO). Before you grab a shopping cart and head to your nearest thrift store, here are a few thrifting influencers you need to follow on social media to get all of the best tips and tricks.

Siena Filippi

Starting off our list strong is none other than Siena Filippi (@simply.siena), who shares her amazing thrift finds from New York City. The influencer also does "thrift flips," where she takes items she got at the thrift store and turns them into trendy products that look like she just got them off of the rack.

And, if you're not a fan of short, sped-up social media clips, Siena also has a YouTube channel where she shares videos of her thrift flips and shares her process of renovating each garment in detail. If you're thinking of breathing new life into the clothes you already have, her accounts are a great place to start.

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Sara Fedz

On her Instagram account @imsarafedz, Sara gives her fans a rundown on what she thrifts for herself and her stylist clients. She often finds vintage treasures that are perfect for any Y2k outfit. The personal stylist started her Instagram page back in 2015, but didn't start sharing her trendy fashion content until 2020.

She also co-owns Peachtree Revival, an aesthetically pleasing secondhand and vintage store in Miami, with fellow influencer Dani Klarić. If you want to see them renovate the thrift store from the very beginning to how it looks now, make sure to check her TikTok.

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Sym Clarke

Sym calls herself "your favorite thrift girl" in her Instagram bio, and she honestly might be right. With her thrifting account @thethriftguru, she constantly shows off her best streetwear thrift hauls.

Not only that, but she loves to thrift oddball items. From vintage picture frames to even director's chairs, she always finds a way to repurpose and make pieces look brand new. Because of her out-of-the-box thrifts, her TikTok page has gone viral with over 3 million views.



Based in Nashville, @findzbychloe takes her fans through her finds at her local thrift stores. The videos she posts the most are her adventures going through Goodwill bins, and many of them showcase unbelievable finds.

Plus, she has a Poshmark account where you can buy her thrift finds at affordable prices!


Regina @basicposhbabe

If you've ever wanted to know how to resell your old clothes, Regina (@basicposhbabe) has you covered. She has a Posh Babe Podcast on Spotify, where she discusses everything you need to know about selling your clothes and giving them a new home.

Aside from her podcast, Regina is a successful reseller and constantly shares videos of herself finding her next products at the thrift store.



Maci Eleni, aka @blazedandglazed on TikTok, has been the No. 1 source for all thrifting content on social media. Her nostalgic finds, fueled by her chaotic energy, makes it hard not to spend at least a few hours watching her videos. She's even been featured in Vogue Business.

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