Throwback Thursday with NLT!

It's Throwback Thursday, so today we're focusing on a time before Glee, when Kevin McHale was known not as Glee's Artie Abrams, but as a vocalist in the boy band NLT!

NLT put out a number of great music videos between 2006 and 2009, also predating ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars!

How are the two linked? Well, before the girls were known as Mona Vanderwall and Hanna Marin on PLL, Janel Parrish and Ashley Benson were both up-and-coming actresses looking for their big breaks. And, by sheer coincidence, both girls starred in NLT music videos!

Check out the video for "That Girl," featuring Ashley Benson!

And the video for She Said, I Said (Time We Let Go) stars Janel Parrish in an extraordinary and emotional performance!