Tia Blanco, Pro Surfer, Talks Health & More!

Tia Blanco is a 16-year-old pro surfer, ranking #1 in various surfing divisions. She's also the head-to-toe Reef Ambassador!tia blanco surf

We recently spoke to the young surfer about all of her achievements thus far, and why she's so passionate about the sport and advocating healthy living!

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Southern California, Tia was always by the beach.

"I was always a water child!" Tia said. "I loved the ocean ever since I could remember."

Tia first started surfing when she was just 3 years old, but she started taking it really seriously at the age of 12.

Tia can't recall if she was naturally good at surfing.

"I don't remember because I was so young!" she said. "I was always very competitive so that part came naturally."

In 2011, at the age of 13, Tia won her first National Scholastic Surfing Association State Championship.

"It felt really good because I worked really hard all year for that contest!" she said. "Also, I got the big shiny trophy at the end that I was happy about."

Tia is also an ambassador for Reef surf shoes and apparel.

"Reef and I just got along very well and being their Ambassador just felt right and very natural," she said.

So far, Tia has had an incredible time working with Reef.

"I have had some of the most memorable experiences with Reef so far," she said. "We have traveled to a couple amazing places around the world and surfed incredible waves.The people are so genuine and fun to be around."

Tia is also a spokesperson for a healthy lifestyle, not just surfing, but also running, practicing yoga, tumbling and more. She also practices a vegan lifestyle.

"I think it is important because living a healthy lifestyle will be so beneficial in the long run!" she said. "Plus, it makes you feel amazing!"

Surfing can be a big ingredient as part of a healthful lifestyle, but Tia understands that not everyone has access to the beach. If you can't go out and surf, Tia had a few other suggestions on how to get active.

"This earth is very diverse with its natural gyms," she said. "If not the beach, then go to the mountains. Snowboarding, hiking, running, are all great alternatives."

But surfing isn't all fun and games all the time. Tia has struggled at times to become one of the nation's top surfers. What has been the most difficult part of her career?

"Just realizing that this lifestyle is a journey and to know that there are ups and downs," she answered. "At first I would struggle when I was going through the downs instead of looking at the situation positively, but now whenever I lose it just motivates me to do better."

Tia continues to set big surfing goals for herself. She hopes to make the ASP World Tour someday and get the chance to travel the world!

Her advice for aspiring surfers is simple:

"Never give up, and dream big," she said.

And for everyone else, she had a few more words of wisdom.

"Be the person you wish to meet!"

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