7 Tie-Dye Accessories We're Loving ATM

Tie-dye is our favorite trend of the moment.

Not only is it colorful and beautiful to look at, but there are so many options out there to choose from. Whether you create your own tie-dye item or buy something from your go-to online shop, there's something for everyone. Currently, we've been into taking tie-dye pieces and accessorizing our outfits. Interested?

Keep scrolling for seven tie-dye accessories that we're loving at the moment:

1. Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Strips: $8

If you've yet to venture into the at-home mani game, listen up. Dashing Diva has the best gel nail strips that you can apply from the comfort of your own home. This tie-dye design is just way too cute to pass up on and will elevate any ensemble.

tie dye nails

(via Dashing Diva)


2. Riverside Tool & Dye Tie-Dye Bucket Hat: $38

Have a bad hair day? Throwing on this bucket hat is a total no-brainer! This style of hat has been worn by all your favorite models and celebs, so you know it's a trend you can totally get behind. We're especially loving the color palette of this bad boy.

tie dye hat

(via Free People)


3. Camilla Thong Wategos Wanderlust: $89

Everyone needs a good pair of sandals in their closet. They're easy to throw on, perfect for running errands and can take any outfit from drab to fab. We love this pair from Camilla because when worn, the outsides will be shown, revealing the perfect amount of tie-dye!

tie dye sandals

(via Camilla)


4. Rainbow Tie Dye Fanny Pack: $6.29

Fanny packs are a must for every girl. What was once thought of us a nerdy dad accessory, is now something worn by the most notable fashionistas. We love the simplicity of this baby because it features light, subtle hues.

tie dye fanny pack

(via Rainbow Shops)


5. Wildflower Blue Tie Dye iPhone Case: $35

Wildflower has the best phone cases out there. From incredible celeb collabs to unique and inventive designs, they're way ahead of the game. This blue tie-dye case is what dreams are made of, and it would look super cute for all your mirror pics!

tie dye phone case

(via Wildflower Cases)


6. Richer Poorer Sherbet Tie-Dye Crew Sock: $14

If you're the type of person who has to be wearing socks at all times, consider this pair by Richer Poorer! Not only is the fabric incredibly comfy, but the print makes it even more cute! Whether you're trudging around the house or wear them with boots, it's the perfect addition.

tie dye socks

(via Urban Outfitters)


7. The Sis Kiss Tie Dye Headband: $26

Headbands are one of our staple accessories we love to wear. There are so many designs to choose from, but we love the knotted, turban look, best. That's why this cutie from The Sis Kiss caught our eye! The structure and coloration is right up our alley.

tie dye headband

(via The Sis Kiss)


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