I Washed My Clothes and Accidentally Ended Up With Tie-Dyed Leggings

As someone who owns literally 50 sets of leggings, I can tell you obtaining a clutch white pair is like finding a needle in a haystack.

White is a tough color in general, and with leggings in particular, the shade tends to highlight our less complimentary body parts. Yet, because the color makes quite the statement and goes with just about anything, we're inclined to add at least one pair to our stash.

It wasn't until the end of last year that I finally embarked upon my magical pair. I was perusing Alo Yoga's holiday sale page and found a pair of their ultra-trendy moto leggings in white, on sale from approximately $150 all the way down to $30 or something absolutely unbelievable like that. I immediately snagged a pair (I own the style in three other colors, so I knew they'd be a perfect fit). When they arrived, I put them on right away and convinced myself that even could pull off white leggings.


But as the year took off, the world slowed down due to coronavirus, and in its initial phases, I didn't feel safe washing my clothes in the communal laundry machines in my apartment complex. Therefore, I opted to hand wash a few items instead.

Working out more than ever due to stay-at-home requirements meant more new workout clothes than ever—which also meant plenty of fresh dye. I was in a haze and threw my fresh white leggings into my sink with detergent and some brand new dark fitness apparel (in piping hot water). Without thinking twice, I let the items sit for 30 minutes. When it came time to rinse, I quickly noticed splotches of darkness covering my beloved new pants. I initially freaked out. These would now cost me $150 to replace!

Once I let my items dry, I took a closer look at my tampered-with leggings and realized they looked like I bought them with black tie-dye. Wait, this is actually pretty cool, I thought! I went on a social distancing hike with a friend a few days later and she immediately took notice when I wore them. She couldn't believe it when I told her it was all an accident.


Now I realize I have coolest leggings in town, and I, in fact, would like to add more tie-dye to these bad boys. Bottom line? If you want to avoid a mess and save money, throw lighter items into a wash with previously unwashed darks in hot water, and you may be in for a surprise!

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