Winter, spring, summer or fall, there never seems to be a wrong time for tie-dye, amirite?

The trend, which originated in the 1960s, is back and better than ever this year—and while a colorful accessory here and there is cute, there’s nothing quite like sporting tie-dye from head to toe.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of bold and awesome sets that are perfect for lounging, sleeping and whatever else we’re permitted to do in these times of coronavirus-induced quarantine. Though we know some of these are a splurge, the patterns were just too fun to pass up. After all, there’s no harm in just looking, right?

Chaser Silky Basics Short Sleeve Rolled Cuff Jumpsuit: $128

While this isn’t technically a set (it’s one jumpsuit), this outfit’s light blue top and the dark blue bottom make it appear as though it’s two separate pieces. The silky material gives it an awesome sheen, meaning it’s totally suitable for an eventual night out with your pals or lounging around at home. Oh, and did we mention it’s machine-washable?

Chaser Silky Basics Short Sleeve Rolled Cuff Jumpsuit
(via Chaser)

Kappa Authentic Commos Tie Dye Men’s Hoodie and Authentic Cumbro Tie Dye Sweatpants: $120, $110

Kappa’s tops and bottoms are sold separately, and while that does make their sets a tad pricer than some, it also means they’re especially versatile. The look we’re featuring here is technically a men’s set, but we all know that’s where the real comfort lies. We’ve opted for a full sweats ensemble (in a calming green hue, no less) but the brand also sells shorts and T-shirts in several additional colors, meaning you can easily mix and match different styles and tones depending on your mood.

Kappa Authentic Commos Tie Dye Hoddie and Authentic Cumbro Tie Dye Sweatpants
(via Kappa)


Rainbow Tie-Dye Hooded Zip Top and Joggers Set: $16.17

This super affordable option not only covers you in tie-dye from head to toe, but it comes in three distinct hues: coral, neon pink and neon lime. We’re partial to the neon pink, which provides an unmissable pop of color, but each version is pretty awesome in its own way.

Rainbow Tie Dye Hooded Zip Top and Joggers Set
(via Rainbow)


Wildfox Hadley Hoodie and Knox Pants: $138, $128

Wildfox is known for making extremely cozy clothes, and this tie-dye duo (made of ridiculously soft sherpa fleece) is no exception. Both pieces are sold separately, but we just can’t have one without the other. The cropped top adds a little trendiness to the ensemble, while the slim-leg sweatpants are effortlessly cool.

Wildfox Hadley Hoodie and Knox Pants
(via Wildfox)


Colsie Tie-Dye Cropped Lounge Sweatshirt and Shorts: $20, $15

Not only do we love the ultra-affordable price point of this set, but we’re also obsessed with its sweet pink and purple hues. You can wear this duo to bed or just to lounge around, and the brand also sells matching sweatpants for $20 if you prefer those to shorts (or simply just want to add to your tie-dye collection).

Colsie Tie Dye Cropped Lounge Sweatshirt and Shorts
(via Target)


FashionNova Audrey Tie Dye Set: $49.99

Tie-dye sweater set isn’t a phrase you hear very often, and yet this FashionNova version somehow works. It takes the classic tie-dye color palette and throws it on a preppy cable-knit sweater and matching skirt. This unusual ensemble is bound to turn heads!

Fashionnova Audrey Tie Dye Set
(via FashionNova)


Rails Murray Hoodie and Robin Shorts – Cloud Tie Dye: $138, $88

This set (also sold separately) pairs a French terry hoodie with matching shorts. Not only is it ideal as temperatures rise, but it’s also perfect for someone who is still trying out the tie-dye trend. The subtle white and sky blue tie-dyed pattern is certainly noticeable, but far from overwhelming.

Rails Murray Hoodie and Robin Shorts Cloud Tie Dye
(via Rails)


Splendid Horizon Hoodie and Horizon Jogger:  $158, $148

Splendid is one of our go-to’s when it comes to casual-cute. Their looks are super cozy but also fitted to make sure we never look too lazy. These bottoms are styled with tapered ankles, so you won’t have to rock a slouchy look in case you want to take your ensemble outside.


(via Splendid)

GUESS? Tie-Dye Cropped Hoodie and Joggers: $55.30, $55.30

For starters, let’s discuss this incredible color combo, shall we? But aside from that, this 100% cotton set (sold as separates) is cozy as they come, and we’re living for it.


(via GUESS?)


(via GUESS?)


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