Viral YouTube Sensation Tiko Shares the Story Behind His New Single, 'Take Off'

16-year-old Fortnite YouTuber Tiko isn't just a content creator—he's an international superstar.

He's known for using a modified, high-pitched voice, complete with a cute, fishy persona, creating viral content that's beloved by more than 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube, but he's also proven he's talented as a musical artist as well. From "Stressed Out" to "Fishy Got Drip" and "Homesick," all of his tracks have been certified bops, and his latest song, "Take Off," is his best yet.

The pop-punk-tinged track is upbeat and infectious, and even if you think you won't love the pitched-up vocals, the song is likely to prove you wrong. We got the chance to ask Tiko all about "Take Off" and its lyrics, and here's what he shared with us:

The Story Behind 'Take Off'

Tiko: "Take Off" is about a boy fish and a girl fish doing things over again with a fresh start.


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What 'Take Off' Means To Him

Tiko: It means a lot to me because I put a lot of work into it, and I hope my listeners have as much fun listening to it as I had making it!

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Tiko's Favorite Lyric

My favorite lyric is "I'm the star of a movie; I let it fall down. Now I'm getting' groovy without you around." I love how the flow and melody goes.

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