5 TikTok Accounts That Will Help You Embrace 'Imperfect' Skin

We all have insecurities.

Some insecurities are more than skin deep, while others are literally on the surface. Due to beauty filters and full coverage foundation, it's tough to feel confident when you have acne, scars, birthmarks or skin conditions. We understand that perfection is completely unachievable, but that doesn't invalidate genuine feelings of insecurity.

This is why it's more important than ever to follow people who aren't afraid to show off and celebrate their natural skin. You don't always have to feel confident, but you shouldn't feel like you need to hide "flaws" that don't define you. Whatever stage you are at with your skin acceptance, and whether your skin concerns are temporary or permanent, we can all benefit from learning to accept our bodies no matter what we look like at the moment. Here are five incredible TikTok accounts that will give you a new perspective on what it is like to accept and even feel confident in your unique skin. These TikTok influencers are honest about how they have moments, but they also share how they've learned how to deal with the negativity and embraced their perfect imperfections.

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1. Gloria Gilbert

Gloria Gilbert is a stunning model from Sweden who documents her life, which includes her self-love journey. Gloria has a birthmark on her face that can make it difficult for her to feel confident in her skin. She is open on her TikTok about how she struggles with her birthmark at times, but she accepts herself a little more every day and it's inspiring to watch her journey. Gloria exemplifies the concept that our differences make us unique. She also talks about the importance of focusing on what makes us beautiful on the inside and reminds her followers that appearance isn't everything. She doesn't want to be known just for her birthmark, as it's only one small part of who she is as a person.


@gloria.gilbert.fgAlso thank you for almost 300k???? ##fyp ##foryou ##beauty ##confidence ##happy ##birthmark ##thankyou♬ my audio yellow – ????♡


2. Maleah Whitten

Maleah Whitten is a body-positive influencer who is helping thousands of women embrace their natural bodies. Not only does she talk about accepting your body's natural shape, but she talks about other "imperfections" that we often try to hide. Meleah shows off her stretch marks and cellulite to remind women that this is natural and not embarrassing. Maleah will share days when she struggles with her appearance, but she is overwhelmingly positive and her authentic journey of self-love only encourages others to join her.


@maleahwhittenReply to @alexa_mae20 stretch marks are so normal dont ever feel ashamed of them! ##bodyconfidence♬ original sound – maleah


3. Taylor TraBand

Taylor TraBand is trying to #normalizenormalskin with her TikTok account. She has gained 346.2k followers by showing her acne without filters or makeup. She shares every stage of her skin, whether she is having setbacks or making progress, and never lets it define how she feels about herself. Taylor is on a mission to prove that body and face acne are not a reason to hide from the world. She is only 15, but she has already inspired so many people. Her comments sections are filled with people thanking her for inspiring them to be more confident with their acne.


@taylor.nicole.05Trying to feel more comfortable with the acne on my shoulders/back (: ##normalizenormalskin ##selflove♬ original sound – 🙂


4. Jonelle Demby

Jonelle Demby uses her platform to bring awareness to keloids, which are scars that rise above the skin. As a Keloid Warrior, Jonelle has learned how to be proud of her skin. She educates her followers about keloids and gives excellent advice on how to feel confident showing scars. Our society has conditioned us to believe we need to hide our imperfections because it can make other people uncomfortable, but Jonelle challenges that belief. She's an incredible person who isn't afraid to show her body and believes that you should be comfortable with every part of your skin, including scars.


@she.smiles6Redoing my P.S.A. for anyone who needs to hear it with ##keloid ##scars. It's ##KeloidAwareness Month

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5. Mokï Studios

Moki Studios was created by Möki, a BA Graphic Branding & Identity Graduate from the University of the Arts of London. She makes the eco-friendly statues to help people "view realistic body images a little differently from the usual beauty standards the media portrays." The body-positive sculptures are painted with shimmering stretch marks, mastectomy scars, cystic acne, eczema and other skin conditions. The statues come in different body sizes and shades. When you admire the beautiful paint on the figure, it reminds you that your stretch marks and scars are art. It tells a story of who you are and everything you've been through in life.

@mokistudiosTrying my best to get better with pigments since the last one had too green of an undertone and I only realised after someone commented it ????♥️

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