7 TikTok Beauty Trends That ACTUALLY Work

We could spend hours and hours scrolling through our TikTok feeds, and if you're anything like us, most of the time, you find yourself on BeautyTok.

From new product launches to makeup filters and trends, there's always something new and innovative on BeautyTok. These days, it seems like a new trend pops up every single day, whether it's to do with makeup, skincare, hair, nails, hair removal or something else. So, which ones actually work? Just keep scrolling to get a look at seven TikTok beauty trends that are worth your time.

Heatless Curls/Legging Curls/Velcro Rollers

Heatless curls have completely taken over, and after watching so many people attempt legging curls, velcro rollers and more, each and every time we're left in awe. Practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to this trend, but if you get it down, trust us when we say your hair will thank you by decreasing your use of heat. Just take a look at Emilie Kiser—her legging curls are iconic and always look amazing!

@emiliekiser Replying to @foxxvbaby HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE 🥺👏🏼🤎 #heatlesscurls #leggingcurls #leggingheatlesscurls #dayinmylife #nightroutine #cleangirl #cleangirlaesthetic #momsoftiktok #healthyhair #heatlesshairstyles #lifestyle #blonde #healthyhairtips #lululemon #lifehacks #hairtok #hairgoals #trending #viralleggings #GenshinImpact32 ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim


Using Your Fingers to Apply Nose Contour

If you've tried (and failed) to apply nose contour with a brush, it's okay, we are right there with you. So when we saw creators using their fingers to apply it, we were seriously blown away, and after trying it for ourselves, we've discovered it totally works! All you need to do is swipe your fingers in a contour cream or liquid of your choice, and swipe it along the sides of your nose! It's as easy as that!


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Mary Phillips, everyone's fave celebrity makeup artist, brought underpainting to our attention, and the technique looks flawless on just about everyone. Instead of applying your foundation, then contour, you contour your face first with a pretty heavy hand. The end result looks stunning and is one that we've seen many creators nail.


Using Powder, Then Cream Blush

Patrick Ta has been using powder, then cream blush, on his clients, and when we first saw, we thought there was no way the makeup wasn't separating! But after testing it out on ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised that it actually worked. Instead of being left looking super powdery and matte, this technique allows the luminosity to stay on your face. We are seriously obsessed with this makeup trend.

@patrickta Try Using My Technique Using My Major Headlines Cream Blush Over Powder @patricktabeauty ♬ original sound – patrick ta

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Gua Sha-ing Your Face to Sculpt It

People have been using gua shas for years to sculpt their faces, but it wasn't until the trend popped up on TikTok that the masses started to use it. By regularly using a gua sha and targeting your lymph nodes, this trend has been proven to sculpt and slim the face. Definitely give this one a try.


Skin Cycling

Skin cycling might seem like a scary routine at first, but once you nail it, it's actually quite easy! Basically, this entails doing a four-night skincare routine with different steps each night, and then repeating once those four days are over. Each night will be a bit different, targeting different skin concerns. This can help with all sorts of skin woes and is a trend we absolutely think is worth trying.


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Putting Pink Under Your Eyes

Putting pink (or blush) on your under-eye area might seem a bit strange, but hear us out. Instead of just applying concealer in that area, people have been mixing in a bit of pink pigment, or when they put on their blush, they also add it to the under-eye area, and the end result is nothing short of beautiful. It's a fabulous color-correcting technique and cancels out tones of blues and grays, aka, the colors that tend to pop up that leave you looking tired.

@paintedbyspencer Reply to @thekimmys lemme' explain 🥰 #undereyeblush ♬ original sound – SPENCER

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