How to Style TikTok's Favorite Cloud Sandals

As we saw in 2020, there's been a resurgence of what we like to refer to as "comfy-chic" style.

Coordinating sweatsuits, thick socks and ponytails became trendy, and to our extreme pleasure, from the looks of things, it seems like we're never going back. Gone are the days of snug tops and tight jeans. The era of oversized tees and sweats is upon us!

Our most recent obsession in this comfy-chic fashion moment? We're so glad you asked—cloud sandals. TikTok got us, okay? Not only do they come in an array of completely adorable colors, but they also absolutely live up to their name. They're exceptionally comfortable, and you can't help but feel like you're walking on, well, a cloud.

Now, we know what you're thinking—how do you style a shoe that somewhat resembles a Long John donut? Again, we're so glad you asked! Despite how they may appear at first glance, we think cloud sandals are super versatile. Here's how to style them:


One of our favorite things to do when we're styling a look is to pair items in a really unexpected way. In this case, the laid-back vibes of cloud sandals would look completely major paired with dainty hoops, a polished tennis skirt and polo and preppy socks. For extra sophistication, go for a monochromatic look and wear a matching set, allowing your cloud sandals to be the center of attention. Not only will you be ultra comfy, but this put-together, athletic look can take you from brunch to errands and beyond.

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We truly never feel cuter than when we're wearing a band tee. Band tees ooze effortless elegance and allow you to showcase your obviously fantastic taste in music. Plus, a band tee coupled with a pair of light-wash raw-hem jeans makes us feel like a celebrity going on a coffee run. (In a good way—in a way that says, "Hey paparazzi! Come and get it!"). Add your cozy cloud sandals to this combo and voila. You may as well be at Joan's on Third waiting for a Chinese chicken salad behind Justin Bieber.

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Remember what we were saying about an unexpected styling? This takes that idea and runs with it hard. Find your girliest, frilliest items and rock them with your cloud sandals. Whether it's a touch of lace or ruffle, even a slip dress, lean into the fun drama of mixing styles. One of our favorite things about this current fashion moment is that it invites a lot of play and innovation. There's no "wrong way" to dress these days, and it's allowing everyone to express themselves in vibrant, exciting ways. In this case, take a dainty frock and throw it on with cloud sandals. Wear this look to dinner, add a leather jacket or cardigan and even frilly socks if you want to. It's all about celebrating gentle, pretty fabrics and letting the sandals stand out in fierce opposition.

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When in doubt, throw your cloud sandals on with a matching sweatsuit, add some big sunnies, and pretend you're the talk of DeuxMoi.


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