Meet the Women Who Are About to Blow Up the TikTok Fashion Scene

If you are looking for fashion inspirations and genuine role models, you've come to the right place.

When we're exploring new styles and investigating trends, we immediately turn to TikTok, and the incredibly talented (and fashionable)  women there never let us down. From their unstoppable looks to style and shopping tips, we learn something new every time we log in. If you're looking for something new, you'll definitely want to give these ladies a follow.

Macy Eleni

Macy Eleni, also known as Blazed and Glazed, is known for her sustainable fashion. Her TikToks often include trips to estate sales and thrift stores all over Los Angeles, California. Eleni works hard to inspire others to work on sustainable fashion, sharing thrifting tips as well as helping her followers with advice  self-care and self-love. Her style is a cross between 2020 Miley Cyrus and Y2K Paris Hilton, with her own flair.

She has had all types of different jobs, but we think she's finally found her calling through TikTok. Her hauls are exciting and spontaneous, her personality is so enlightening and happy and she is just a genuine and honest being. She also helps people through their mental health issues because she struggles as well. If you need advice on fashion or self-love, be sure to check her out.

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Summer Rachel Warren

Another inspiring digital creator is Summer Rachel Warren. Her shocking and bold take on clothes is a refreshing perspective in the fashion world. Her creativity in layering and accessorizing is truly unique, and we've never seen anything like it. She also works with all colors and has fun ways of coming up with new ideas, asking her followers to help complete her 'fits and sharing ideas for events like back-to-school or Halloween. Get "get ready with me" videos are also essential to her TikTok account.

Summer is personal and deep with her audience and is always giving advice on her Instagram stories. She seeks to create a genuine and helpful atmosphere on her platforms. She shares everything from her favorite skincare products, stylish shoes and PR packages to her life beyond fashion and work, and we're obsessed with it all.


Lauren Wolfe

Lauren is best known for her fashion try-on hauls, style tips and Amazon suggestions. She's not tied down to just one style, wearing everything from groovy to grunge. She also shares hacks for all things fashion, leaving her audience shook at how much she can fit into a single suitcase. She gives excellent advice on editing pics and creating your own aesthetic, and her hauls will never leave you disappointed, while her travel TikTok will have you scrolling on her page for hours.
She is a stunning woman inside and out and really is the girl boss we needed. We cannot wait to see everything she accomplishes in her career, so make sure to give her a follow to keep up.


Kate Bartlett

Kate Bartlett started her TikTok as a vlog of sorts, sharing her life as a fashion student in New York City. As she gained a following, she started posting more about her outfits and how she styles her looks, and these days, she's always keeping us on the edge of our seats as to what she'll post next. Her girly fits are a great inspiration for those who enjoy sparkles, nightlife, heeled boots and pink—and her creative posts on Instagram are just as eye-catching as her outfits.

If you are not already following this young diva, you absolutely need to. Her dreamy time in the city keeps us all wanting more. Stick around to hear what advice she has to give and tips and tricks within the fashion community.


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