6 Bizarre Hair Hacks We Learned on TikTok

TikTok isn't just the ultimate destination for learning new dance moves.

Oh, no—this social media platform is full of helpful content. Beyond the lip-syncing videos and the constant challenges, you can find tons of clips that will improve your daily beauty routine.

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If you think your hair could use a little help, turn to TikTok. Keep scrolling for six bizarre hacks that will add some zhuzh to your locks.

Curling Your Hair With a  Sock

There's always a new method to curl your hair, but TikTok brought us one of the strangest ones yet: a sock. This method starts by splitting your hair into two sections. Then, you take a sock and place it near the top of your head. Move the front section to the back and the back section to the front, essentially braiding your hair while using the sock as the third piece. Leave it on as long as you can, usually overnight if you can manage it. When you take it out, you'll have gorgeous, beachy waves.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you'll need different socks. You can do multiple braids for tighter curls, or two big braids for loose waves. Really, the possibilities are endless with this interesting method.

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Curling Your Hair With a Straightener

While curling your hair with a sock allows a nice break from heat-styling, sometimes you need to put together a look a lot faster. If you're pressed for time and don't have a curling iron, you can repurpose your straightener to make some cute curls.

With this hack, you simply clamp one-inch pieces of hair into your straightener, wrap them around the outside just once and pull down. The result is a cute, bouncy curl that comes together painfully quickly.

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Faking Bangs

Ah, the dreaded bang. While you might want to add a little fringe to your look every now and then, the decision to actually cut your hair is usually a bad one. That's why people joke that you should always check in with your emotional state before you decide to get bangs.

Thankfully, TikTok has the solution. Instead of snipping away your locks and creating a permanent change, you can just create fake bangs. Simply part your hair in the middle, gather a triangle at the peak of your forehead, twist the hair and clip it up so the ends hang over your forehead. Of course, you'd have to wear a headband or hat to hide the clip at the top of your head, but you can still rock some fake fringe for a day and decide if you really like it before taking the plunge.

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Shrinking Plastic Hair Ties

Plastic hair ties like Invisibobbles are all the rage. They allow you to throw your tresses into an easy updo without tearing or snagging your locks. Unfortunately, they also stretch fairly quickly. Once they're all stretched out, they're difficult to use.

Thankfully, one TikTok hack allows you to shrink your plastic hair ties and it'so easy. You simply place them in a bowl of hot water and ta-da! you've got a plastic hair tie that's basically brand new.

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Unicorn Hair

Unicorns aren't going anywhere any time soon. But dyeing your hair in this crazy, colorful hairstyle isn't easy. That is, until TikTok came into the picture. With this easy hair hack, you simply spray a large hairbrush with different-colored hair dyes. You can spray each color all over the brush for a tie-dyed look, or you can create different patterns and stripes on the hairbrush that will then appear on your hair.

Once your preferred pattern is set into your brush, simply brush the colors through your hair. It's that easy. While the resulting look may not be vibrant, it's the perfect way to add a little fun, temporary color to your hair.

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Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Hair masks are great for giving your locks fresh life. However, they can also be pretty expensive. If you're looking for a thrifty alternative, use coconut oil.

According to TikTok users, you can rub coconut oil in your wet hair, leave it on for a few minutes, then wash it twice with shampoo. The coconut oil helps hydrate your locks and get rid of dryness, and it's way less expensive than a full-on hair mask.


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